Before Going Live: Registration Checklist

Before making your registration live, you will want to do a final review to make sure that all settings and integrations are set up according to the registration experience that you are looking to offer to your attendees. This is a critical step, as some changes cannot be made after attendees have begun registering for the event. 

In this article, we will review some best practices to follow when you are integrating the registration site with an Event Space. For more information on setting up the integration and defining that data should be synced over, make sure to check out the following article on Connecting Your Registration to your Event to learn more about this process, and how to define what information should sync over to the Event Space.

Settings That Cannot Be Changed After Going Live

  • Early Bird Pricing for tickets and options – Learn more from this article
  • Tax Settings for tickets and options – Learn more from this article
  • Conditions should be set and tested in advance – Learn more from this article
  • Allow multiple answers: when adjusting specific settings in the form field (e.g., text field or choice list), you are allowed to choose to let attendees choose multiple answers. This needs to be active or deactivated before going live, as this cannot be changed once an attendee registers.

Settings To Review When your Registration is Integrated with an Event Space

  • Custom People Groups: Make sure all Custom People Groups are created in the Experience Manager and linked to registration fields before your registration site is live. Custom People Groups that are linked after the registration site will only apply to attendees that have registered after the change was made. Attendees that have registered prior to this change will need to be manually assigned to Custom People Groups from the Experience Manager instead. Review this article to learn more about Syncing People Groups.
  • Registration Form Custom Fields: Mapping of your Custom Fields will need to be completed before the registration site is live. Review this article to learn more about Syncing  & Mapping Fields.
  • Login Settings: Disable the login setting "Allow people to sign up and access the Event Space" to ensure that attendees can only use the email addresses used for event registration. Not disabling this setting could lead to duplicate profiles and discrepancies in data between registration and attendee profiles. Learn more about Login Settings here.
  • Session Selection: If you are allowing attendees to select sessions during the registration process, you will want to make sure that the option to Allow attendees to manage their own schedule is turned off within the Experience Manager. Review this article to learn more. 
  • Unique E-mail-addresses: The option Force Email Uniqueness within the Registration Settings cannot be turned off as soon as an integration to an Event Space is active.

Changes That Will Impact the Integration between Registration and the Event Space

Any data that is being synced over from your Registration site to the Event Space should not be deleted within the Experience Manager. The integration between your Registration site and the Event Space is one way, meaning that any changes that you are making within the Experience Manager will not be reflected within the EventMobi Registration platform.

Note: Deleting data such as Attendees, Speakers, Sponsors and Predefined/Custom Fields that is syncing over from your Registration site may result in breaking the integration that has been set. 

Do Not Delete The Following Data

  • Attendees should not be deleted from the Experience Manager while the integration between your registration site and the Event Space is running. Any changes that need to be made, including modifying or deleting the data, should be made directly from the EventMobi Registration platform as these changes will automatically be reflected in the Event Space.
  • Check-In-Code & External IDs should not be deleted or changed, as they will need to match what exists in the EventMobi Registration platform. Review the following article to learn more.
  • Custom Fields should not be deleted from the Experience Manager. When necessary, you can set the field to not sync data over to the Event Space. Alternatively, the visibility of the Custom Fields can be adjusted within the Experience Manager using the Viewable By and Editable By options to Organizer Only to prevent attendees from seeing the field and the data contained within it from the Event Space. Review the following article for more information.