Managing Tax/VAT in your Registration

Your EventMobi Registration site can support paid events directly from your registration site, or by offering a Bank Transfer option. The following article will outline how to apply taxes to your paid event, to ensure that it is complying with any relevant tax legislations. 

Setting your Tax Rates

  • Visit the Money area of the EventMobi Registration platform to access the Tax/VAT page
  • Define if tax should be included in or excluded from the price you’ll be setting
    • No Tax/VAT: Registrants will pay the exact amount that you have outlined at checkout
    • Tax/VAT excl: Registrants will see the cost of the event without taxes, and will advised of the total inclusive of taxes at checkout. 
    • Tax/VAT incl: Registrants will see the cost of the event with taxes, and will pay this amount at checkout. 


Tax Rates and Application Rules

When applicable, a series of rules can be set to help in making sure that the appropriate tax rates are being applied to registrants. 

Any conditions that you create will be evaluated in the list order that is set. This means that if the condition is met, the tax will be applied. If the condition is not met, then the next condition will be evaluated. When no conditions are met, no taxes will be applied. Conditions can also be dragged and dropped to adjust the order according to your event's requirements. 

Setting your Tax Conditions

  • Select the +Add tax/Vat to define your first rule 
  • Update the Has a tax/VAT number? field if your registrant will set a Tax or VAT number in the registration form that will affect the tax rate. If this does not apply to your event, then leave this field as Indifferent
  • Adjust the To evaluate field to determine which field on the registration field will be evaluated: 
    • Nothing will be evaluated, and the condition will be met every time
    • Country or attendee: as set in the registration form
    • State of attendee: as set in the registration form
    • Tax/VAT number: Leading country code of the Tax/VAT number
  • Set the Condition field to the specific value that will be evaluated based on the preceding choice
  • Enter the Rate that should be applied if the conditions are met
  • Enter in the Text to be inserted on the invoice based on what you would like to be displayed next to the tax on the receipt, proforma, or invoices

Note: Several conditions might be true for a single registration. In that case, only the first condition met will be applied. You can drag and drop the conditions to change the order based on your requirements.


Applying Canadian Tax based on Province

In this example, the conditions will evaluate the registrant province to set the appropriate tax type and rate. The state field is mandatory and the state list is predefined to make sure at least one condition is met. 

Applying European Tax based on Country

In this example, the organizer is located in Belgium for an online conference in Europe.

  1. The registration site will evaluate the registrant VAT number to check if it is prefixed with "BE", and if this condition is met applies a VAT rate of 21% (applicable for such services in Belgium)
  2. If the previous condition is not met, it will then test if the VAT number prefix belongs to another EU member country, and if so, applies a 0% VAT rate and mentions "VAT reverse charge" on the invoice or receipt
  3. If the previous condition is not met, it will move on to testing if the country of the registrant is outside of the EU, and if the condition is met will apply a VAT rate of 0%  and mentions "Service localized outside the EU" on the invoice or receipt
  4. If none of the conditions were met,  the VAT rate will be set at 21%, which is the default Belgian VAT rate applicable for all EU citizens or organizations without a VAT number

Note: If you do not set the first condition, the registration site will set the VAT rate as 0% to all organizations with a VAT prefixed with "BE", as Belgium is an EU country.