How Can I Add Fields Of My Own To People Profiles?

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to display and collect information from the People profiles that have been created for your event. 

In the top menu of your People library you will find a Custom Fields option where you can create and manage any additional fields that you would like to use. 


How To Create Custom Fields

  1. Select the Add Field option in green to begin creating a new custom field
  2. Choose the Custom Field type (Text Field or Upload)
  3. Input the field name as you would like it to display. 
  4. Add a description to offer additional context or instructions as needed.
  5. Choose which people the Field applies to (Everyone or Specific People Groups)
  6. Select who can view the field. To make private fields, choose Organizers & Profile Owner. If you want to create a field that allows you to attach information to profiles for your own reference then select Organizer Only
  7. Select who can edit the custom field. If you would like to give the user access to update the information from a self-edit email or the Attendee Dashboard, then select the Organizers & Profile Owners option.
  8. Select the Make this a Profile Creation required field if you would like to ensure people are completing the field when they log into the event for the first time.
  9. Add your field by selecting the Add (Text/Upload) Field option.

Your custom fields will appear in the profile below any default fields that are offered. When creating or updating profiles through the Experience Manager, you will want to scroll to the bottom of the page you are editing. If you are editing your custom fields using the People Excel template, they will appear as column headings. Any fields that have been saved as a custom field will contain this text in brackets alongside the name you have established. 

Supported file types for Custom Upload Fields are: *.doc, *.docx, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.pdf, *.jpg, *.jpeg and *.png. The maximum file size per file is 24MB.

Using the People Excel Template

It is important that any Text Field custom fields that you plan on using for your People profiles are created in advance of downloading your People Excel Template. This ensures that a column for each custom field will be made available for you to add the data en masse.Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 13.24.29

Adding a new column to the template without creating the Text Fields in advance will result in an error message upon import.

Organizers can add bulk content to custom fields using the template provided in the People Library.

  1. Choose the Import / Export option to select Export from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the window that appears, select Download People.
  3. In the template that downloads, a heading for each custom field is listed as the column header, including Custom Field in parentheses.
  4. Enter the desired data and save your changes to the template.
  5. Select Import/Export again, then Import again in your people list to upload the updated template.

Gathering Information For Your Custom Fields 

From a Self-Edit Link
Attendees will have access to add or edit content in custom fields while completing their profiles via a self-edit link. Within the email message, a link to "Edit Your Profile" will direct recipients to another page where they can input their profile information. To add information to the Custom Fields you have created, attendees will need to select the Personal Information option and scroll to the area labelled as Other Information.

Note: Upload Fields and custom fields set as 'Required for Profile Creation' will not apply to your Self-Edit links. 

Add Content to Custom Fields From the Event Space 
Attendees will have access to add content to custom fields while creating or editing their profile from the Attendee Dashboard. 

Depending on the settings you have saved to your Event Space, attendees may also be asked for this information and required to provide it before logging into the event.

Custom fields can also be edited from the Attendee Dashboard area by selecting the Edit Profile option in the menu, and scrolling to the Other Information area on the profile page. 

Screen Recording 2022-02-24 at 2.06.35 PM

What is the Difference Between Documents and Upload Fields in the People Profile?

The Documents area of each People profile is reserved for any files that should be shared within everyone, for example, to make a Speaker's presentation slides available or to share an author's poster presentation out of your document library. You cannot set any visibility or access restriction on this field. 

Upload (Custom) Fields, on the other hand, are a little bit different in that they can be used to capture information versus simply sharing it. A few benefits to using the Upload Field option: 

  • File upload will be requested during the login process 
  • File upload can be required before logging into the event
  • Upload Fields can be edited by the attendee within the Event Space

Can I Decide Who the Custom Field Applies To? 

Yes! Your Custom Fields can be set to apply to Everyone (default) or only to Specific People Groups that you select. 

Custom Fields that are set to apply to specific groups will only be made visible and editable by attendees that have been added to that particular group within the People library.

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