How to Create Registration Tickets

When building your registration site, it is important to begin by establishing if it will be a Free or Paid event. This setting can be adjusted from the Essentials page under the General area in the EventMobi Registration platform. 

The selection that you make here will impact how you create Categories and Options from the Tickets area. You will also have access to make adjustments from the Settings page found in this area.

The Tickets area will be broken down into the following pages: 

  • Settings
  • Locations
  • Categories
  • Options
  • Discounts (This will only be visible if your event is paid)


The Settings page will offer you additional options to determine the cost and currency of tickets. 


The Ticketing area on the Settings page will provide you with options to: 

  • Allow registrants to select several of the same item
  • Allow several consecutive registrations by the same registrant
  • Activate specific dates for categories and options (Note: This needs to be selected if you are connecting the registration site to your Event Space.)
  • Create a QR Code for categories and options

Stock Management

Stock Management will need to be enabled in situations where you are looking to offer a limited number of tickets or session seats, to offer merchandise, and so forth.

From this page you will find the following settings:

  • Activate stock management
  • Hide sold out items
  • Activate waiting list for sold-out options
  • Manage my category quantity globally 

Note: The Stock Management setting is also available under Categories and Options. You will only need to activate the setting once to apply it to all areas.


From the Locations area you will have the option of enabling a Main Location or Multiple Locations. 

The Main Location is also available to adjust from the Essentials page found in the General area of the EventMobi Registration platform. 

Using the Multiple Locations option you can input any locations that will need to be matched to your Categories and Options.

The locations that you are adding to this area can be set as Physical or Online locations.

Ticket Categories

Categories allow you to determine how registrants will be participating in the event. If your event only includes a few options, for example to determine if someone will be attending Day 1, Day 2 or All Dates, then Categories may be a good fit to offer a single option during the registration process. 

If there are additional factors that need to be factored into the registration process, then incorporating Options may be better suited to your event. 

From the Categories area you will find the following settings: 

  • Hide Category: Categories are always active by default, however, if categories are not relevant to your event and you would prefer to offer only Options and Options Groups then this checkbox can be selected to deactivate the Categories on the registration site. (Note: This can only be activated if you have a single listed category) 
  • Categories Title: This will be visible from the registration site
  • Add Category: Select this option to create any categories that you would like to offer 

Adding Categories

After selecting the Add Category option, you will be asked for the following details: 

  • Name 
  • Quantity
  • Price (only applicable if the event is set to Paid)
  • Start and End Date
  • Groups (Check out the Syncing People Groups area in this article for instructions) 

Editing Categories

Please be aware of the following information when it comes to editing the categories you have created for your registration site: 

  • Free tickets can be changed to Paid tickets when an attendee is modifying their registration
  • Paid ticket categories cannot be changed to another one when an attendee is modifying their registration
  • Admins have the option of changing the category for an attendee from the EventMobi Registration platform (both Free and Paid)
  • Admins that have changed from a Paid category to another one can send a Failed Payment email from the EventMobi Registration platform to collect the balance between the previous Paid category and the new one. 

Syncing People Groups

When you have the integration set up, you are able to add a People Group from Experience directly to one or multiple categories in the EventMobi Registration platform. This option is only available if you have linked the registration to your event in Experience, and if you have set up the groups in the People library first.

Once these steps are completed you will be able to link the people groups to any category.

Note: Make sure to fully set up your connection between People Groups from Experience to the registration’s Categories to ensure a smooth process and to not manually update your attendees in the future. 

Important Notes

  • Default Groups for Attendees and Speakers will not be displayed from the dropdown menu in the Registration platform. Only custom Groups that have been created will be available to select. Registrants will automatically receive the Attendee People Group and Speakers will automatically receive the Speaker People Groups when the information is synced.
  • Any new People Groups or existing People Groups that you add to a Category once registration is live and attendees have registered will not be synced over. This means that all existing registrants will need to be updated manually from the Experience Manager.

Ticket Options

Option Groups

Groups help you to organize a series of options into a section, to help in outlining what selections attendees can make during the registration process. 

Groups can be set to allow single or multiple selections, or can be set as mandatory to ensure that a minimum of one option has been chosen. You can adjust these settings using the Single Choice or Mandatory buttons available.


Once your Categories and Option Groups have been set, you can begin creating the Options that will be available during registration. Options can be considered as the final level of selections that will be available as people are registering for the event. 

There is no maximum number of options that can be included in the registration site you are creating, and these can be set to apply to any or all Categories and Options Groups that you would like them to display from. 

Options will be synced to the Experience Manager as individual sessions within the Sessions library.

Note: Options that you would like to sync to the Event Space will need to include a datestart time and end time, as this is a requirement for sessions within the Experience Manager.

Keep the following information in mind when it comes to editing options for your registration site: 

  • Attendees cannot unsubscribe from a Paid option that has been previously taken, and will only have access to add options.
  • Attendees that are modifying their registration and adding a Paid option will be asked to pay the balance amount. 
  • Admins will have access to change the options for an Attendee within the EventMobi Registration platform (Paid and Free).
  • Admins that change a Paid option to another one can send a Failed Payment email from the EventMobi Registration platform that will provide the Attendee with a link to pay the balance between the previous category and the new one. 

In the example below, you see how both Options and Option Groups are synced and organized into the Experience Manager. As the image displays, the Options will be represented as individual session items (Session 1 - Day 1, Session 2 - Day 1, etc.) and the Options Groups will be represented as the Tracks that they are organized into (Attendance Day 1, Attendance Day 2, etc.).

In the following example, we can now see how the Categories are represented during the registration process. In this case, a category has been set to represent the different Membership Types (Member and Non-member). 

Finally, the image below displays how the Option Groups and Options are displayed and made available based on the category selection that has been made. 

Note: Once a registrant has chosen/purchased a specific category or option, you will no longer be able to remove that item - this is to ensure that any tickets that have already been sold will not be deleted from the system.


Discounts allow you to offer special rates on registration fees in the following ways: 

  • Early Bird Pricing
  • Coupons
  • Volume Discounts

Early Bird

From the Early Bird area you will find a checkbox where you can Activate early bird prices for categories and/or options

Within the Category or Option, Early Bird pricing can be set to a specific price and until a specific date. 

Note: Early Bird discounts will need to be activated before the registration site goes live, as this option cannot be set after an attendee has registered.


Using Coupons you can offer to waive the total registration fee, to all or specific categories and/or all or specific options.

When creating coupons, you will be asked for the following information: 

  • Name (Used to identify the voucher)
  • Code (Must be unique for each coupon - this is used during the registration process)
  • Quantity
  • Discount
  • Type (Percentage or Amount)
  • Expiration date
  • To what it applies to



Once a coupon has been added to the registration site, it will be displayed as an area where the registrant can apply the discount code. 

Volume Discounts

This discount option allows reduced pricing when there are multiple categories and/or options that are selected during the registration process, and are activated as soon as the set parameters are met. 

In order for this option to work as intended, you will need to select Ticketing setting to Allow registrants to select several of the same item available from the Settings page of the Tickets area in the EventMobi Registration platform. 

When adding a Volume Discount, you will be asked to provide the following information: 

  • Name
  • Applicable if a higher number then X is selected
  • Discount amount and type
  • To what it applies






Refunds will not be automatically applied in the EventMobi Registration platform. All refunds must be processed directly from the payment gateway connected to your registration site.