Working with Predefined Fields

Your EventMobi Registration site will come with a series of predefined fields that can be used to capture information from your attendees as they are registering for the event.

Within the Registration area of the EventMobi Registration platform, you will find the Form page where you will find the predefined fields - some will be enabled by default, while others can be enabled if needed. 

Selecting or deselecting the Use checkboxes associated with the predefined fields will determine if they will appear within the registration form or not. An additional checkbox for Mandatory will set the field as required in order to continue on in the registration process. 

Note: The Email Address field cannot be deactivated on the registration form. 

Customizing Predefined Fields

When needed, predefined fields can be customized according to your event. To customize the order that the fields will appear on the registration form, select the six dots located to the lefthand of the field and drag and drop it into place. 

To customize the field itself, select the three dots to the lefthand side, followed by the Edit option. 

Using the Label field on the page that appears, you can adjust the field name that will display. 

The First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company Name and Job Title fields are set to automatically sync over to the People profile in the Experience Manager - for this reason, we do not recommend editing these particular fields on the registration form. 

Syncing & Mapping Fields

When creating your registration fields, you will also have the option of determine whether the information captured should be synced and which field within the People profile of the Experience Manager it should be synced to. 

When editing a field, you will have a dropdown menu available to select one of the following options:

  • Do not map field: This will prevent the contents of the field from being synced over to the Experience Manager.
  • Create new Custom Field: This will create a field within the Experience Manager and sync the data over. Note: Deleting this field will act in deleting it from Experience as well. 
  • Custom Field: This will allow you to sync the data of the field into a custom field that you have created in the Experience Manager. Note: Deleting this field in the EventMobi Registration platform will not delete the field in Experience. 

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