Connecting your EventMobi Registration with your Event Space

Before your EventMobi Registration can be connected to your Event Space, you will want to make sure that the following has been completed: 

  • Your Event has been activated in the Experience Manager
  • Your EventMobi Registration profile has been created

Once your event and profile are all set, you can follow the steps listed below to set up the integration between your Registration site and your Event Space.

Connecting Your Registration to your Event

In the EventMobi Registration platform, access your event and visit the General settings area to access the Essentials page. 

At the bottom of this page, you will find an area labelled as EventMobi where you can select your event from the dropdown menu provided to connect it to your registration site. 

Note: The dropdown menu will include all events that are listed within your organization. 

Defining What Information Syncs To The Event Space

Within the Integrations area of the EventMobi Registration platform, you will find options to select which data you would like to sync over to the Experience Manager. By default, the following data will be synced, however, this can be prevented by deselecting the checkbox associated to the data type. 

  • Synchronize option groups:  To create People groups based on ticket type
  • Synchronize options: To create personal schedules based on session selections
  • Synchronize sponsors: To create profiles in the Companies library
  • Synchronize speakers: To create Speaker profiles in the People library

Note: People list (registered attendees) are automatically synced over to your Event Space into the People's library.

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 14.59.23

Note: Any sessions that you are adding to the Registration site will be added to the General Agenda of your Event Space. The selections that registrants make during the registration process will appear within the Attendee Dashboard area for them to view.