How Do I Add Sponsors To The Companies Section?

In your Event Space you have the ability to add a "Companies" section where you can highlight event sponsors and exhibitors. Companies are added in the same way as people profiles and can be input manually using the Add Company button or by exporting and importing an Excel template.

Creating Company Groups

Groups can be used to help in organizing your company profiles, should you need to display them based on such things as sponsorship tier or product type. If you are planning to display your profiles in this manner, then we recommend establishing any relevant groups first to allow you to easily link your profiles while you are creating them.

  1. Access the Companies library to enter the Groups area
  2. Select Add Company Group
  3. Enter in the Company Name, and select your Group Color by picking a color or entering a hex code

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 11.15.17 AM

 Creating Company Profiles Manually

  1. Access the Companies library and select the Add Company button to begin creating a profile
  2. Input the Name and Logo (if available) before selecting Add Company to save (make sure that your logo is a JPEG, PNG or GIF image file under 24 mb that is sized to 100px by 100px).
  3. Add any other details you would like to include as part of the profile such as About information, and contact details
  4.  Link to any relevant Groups (if applicable)
  5. Attach any Documents or External Links you would like to include within the profile

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 11.16.21 AM

Creating Company Profiles Using Excel 

  1. Select the Import/Export option on the right hand side of the Companies List area
  2. Select Export Companies to download the template you will need to work with
  3. Fill in all relevant details for your Company profiles (Note that the External ID column will be populated once you import to Experience)
  4. If applicable, assign companies to groups by entering the Group Name into the Groups column
  5. Choose the Import/Export option to select Import Companies and upload your file


Populating Company Profiles Using Self-Edit Links

Self Edit Links are a great way to collect the necessary data that you need from the companies you will be showcasing on the app, while building out your Companies section simultaneously. This option allows you to create a basic profile which can be edited by the company themselves via a link that is sent by email.

When a company has accessed the self edit link, they will have the option to upload their own logo, edit their profile details, and attach documents to their profile (if this option is included in your package). The information that is saved will appear not only in the Experience Manager for you to view, but within the app itself to help you in building out the Companies section almost effortlessly.

Once you have uploaded the basic information (Company Name and Email) for the companies you would like to send self edit links to, you can send out the email communication following the steps that are outlined: 

  1. Select the Send Self-Edit Links option in the Companies library of your Experience Manager.
  2. In the Recipients area, determine if you would like to send to All Company Contacts, or specific Company Groups.
  3. Use the Only send to companies who haven't been sent self-edit links yet checkbox, if applicable.
  4. Update the Subject and Message fields as needed.
  5. Select Send Test Email if you would like to review an example before sending (you will receive this to the email address you input).
  6. Choose the Send Self Edit Links option when you are ready to send to your companies. 

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