Can I Control Where My Banner Ads Go?

Banner Ads
You can create banner ads that appear at the top of the Menu pane, within lengthy lists (i.e. of sessions, people, and companies), and at the end of those sections. You can upload as many as you like and they will rotate in a random order every time you click on another page or section.

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 11.47.19 AM

You can also put all of your banner ads into a GIF file so they rotate at a rate and in an order determined by you. Keep in mind that, if you make a GIF, it has to be exactly 50 pixels high and 300 pixels wide. If you crop the image, the system will convert it to a JPEG and it will lose its animation.

Ad-Free Sections
However, if you would prefer to keep a section ad-free, you can opt not to have them appear there. To deselect sections, just navigate to the Settings area under Sponsorship and uncheck them. This will prevent banner ads in general from showing in these sections; at this time, you cannot customize the placement of specific banner ads.


Banner Ads will always show in the left hand menu of your event space and rotate randomly through the banners you have created


Banner Ad Rotation Logic

Banner ads will randomly shuffle through the list of banners that you have entered into the Experience Manager every 60 seconds on the left menu, companies, people, and session lists. 

Important Note: Banner ads will always show the first banner that has been entered in the Experience Manager and will shuffle all other banners after the initial banner.