How Can Companies Capture Leads at the Event?

EventMobi's Lead Capture allows companies, such as your Sponsors and Exhibitors, to collect the information of leads that they are interacting with at the event using our Onsite App

Enabling Lead Capture for a Company

The Lead Capture feature will be available only to the companies that you specify within the Experience platform, helping you to offer additional value to those sponsors and exhibitors that have opted for a larger sponsorship tier. etc. 

Note: The number of companies that you can enable Lead Capture for will depend on the number of licences that you have purchased for your event. 

To enable Lead Capture for a company, follow these steps: 

  • Visit the Companies library and click into the profile of the company that you would like to enable Lead Capture for
  • Scroll down the Details page of the profile to enable the Lead Capture toggle option

  • Add anyone that you would like to manage the Lead Capture feature as a Company Representative within the profile (you will need to have a People profile created for each Company Representative before completing this step). 
  • Go to the Lead Capture Staff tab to send email invitations to the Lead Capture feature

Note: Only Company Representative profiles that include an email address will be available to select as Lead Capture Staff.

Using Lead Capture At the Event

To use the Lead Capture feature onsite, Company Representatives will need to download and access the Onsite App - this can be done from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Company Representatives will receive a unique Access Code in the email invitation that was sent when enabling the Lead Capture feature from the Experience Manager. When logging into the Onsite App, the user will need to select the Access Code option for login and then input their email address and the unique code contained within the email that they received. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 1.31.15 PM

Once logged in, the Company Representative will have access to see the total number of leads captured, along with options to capture additional leads and/or view the complete list of Leads Collected. 

How to Capture New Leads

  • Visit the Add Leads option in the Onsite App
  • Scan the lead using the QR Code for the attendee (this can be found in the Attendee Dashboard) or select Add Manually to input the information about the lead that should be saved. 
  • In addition to capturing the lead name and contact details, the Company Representative can set the Qualification of the lead using a star rating system from 1-5. 
  • If necessary, Additional Notes can also be included for additional context or information related to the lead that has been captured. 

Reviewing the Leads Collected 

Companies can see a complete list of all of the leads that were collected at the event using the Lead Collection area of the Onsite App. From this area, a Search option will be available to look up a specific lead when needed. 

Each lead within the list will show the following details: 

  • Lead Name
  • Company Representative that captured the lead
  • Date and Timestamp of when the lead was captured

You can also click into the profile to review the details of the lead, including the Qualification and Notes that were saved. 

IMG_6834  IMG_6833