What Video Options Can I Use For My Session?

Bringing your event to the virtual world doesn't have to be scary or complicated. The Event Space allows you to incorporate different video options into your sessions, depending on the type of experience that you are looking to create for your attendees. 

Within the Sessions library you can find a Video Experience option available that will provide you with the following options: 

  • Pre Recorded for embedded on-demand video content. 
  • EventMobi Studio for live stream video using the EventMobi platform. 
  • Custom Live Stream for livestream video via RTMP using another platform or solution. 
  • Interactive Breakout Room for an interactive meeting room where up to 200 people can connect.
  • Video Conference for a call to action button to a conference platform or solution. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 1.22.01 PM

When will I need to use the Live Stream option?

Platforms, such as Zoom, that do not offer a web interface for streaming may require you to use RTMP to embed your video content into a session.

There are three necessary credentials that you will need to connect your live stream to a third party platform: a RTMP Server URL, Stream Key and Video URL. These credentials can be generated by selecting the 'Live Stream' option as the Experience Type so that you can input them into the platform you will be using to stream your session content. 

Simply select the Generate Custom URL button to access these URLs, and then click on the copy icon so that the content in the relevant field can be pasted into your live stream platform. 

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Recommended Video Encoder Settings 

If you are using a software or hardware to mix and send your stream to our platform (i.e. OBS, vMix, Wirecast, etc.) then the following settings are recommended: 


Bitrate: 3500 kbps

Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds


Bitrate: 5000 kbps

Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds

If a video link has been updated, will people have to refresh the app to see the new video?

It will update automatically for anyone that is not on the page already. If someone is already on the page before the video link is updated they will need to either leave and go back to the page or refresh the page to see the new video.