What is RTMP?

Real-Time Messaging Protocol, also known as RTMP, is an early standard for streaming that is supported by a majority of encoders (these are used to digitize your videos so that you can live stream them to an audience and most media servers (the software that you are using to broadcast the video). RTMP, however, is not supported by modern browsers and devices - meaning, another protocol needs to be used in order to bring the video to a user’s device. 

Can I use RTMP for my sessions?

Yes! The Virtual Event Space can support any video that is in RTMP format. If the media server that you are working with does not offer a Video URL, then the Experience platform can help you to generate an RTMP server with just one click, using our Custom URL feature - the following article will walk you through the steps needed to set this up!


  • RTMP Meaning: Real-Time Messaging Protocol. This is used to bring a stream of video to a user's device. 
  • RTMP Stream Meaning: The stream of video that is being delivered via RTMP to the user's device.