What Is The Event Details Section And Why Do I Need To Provide These Details?

The Event Details area is the first thing you'll see when you access the Experience Manager for your event. This is where you can view or edit the basic information for your event including the Event Name, Event Code, Languages, Event Description and your Event Website.

Within this area you will also have access to establish basic details along with, Email (for system generated emails, and your Help Desk if applicable), Event Dates, and the Event Location.

Basic Details

Event Name - This will be automatically populated with the name you provide when you have us setup your account. You can edit this field to rename your event. This name will appear in places like your loading screens and the top of the left-hand app menu within the app.

Event Code - This is the last part of the URL link that will be used to access your site, in the format of eventmobi.com/EventCde. Your Event Code is the unique identifier that appears after the EventMobi domain. If you would like to change your Event Code, you will need to contact support for them to process this request.

Event Code should not have any special characters. Allowed characters include alphabets, numbers, underscores and dashes.

Event Language - The language that you select in this field will determine which language preset text fields will appear in (i.e. login page text). Any fields that can be modified by an organizer, such as section names, will not be translated.
You can also add a secondary Event Language, which provides attendees the option to change the language on the Event Space. All of your event content (except for preset text) will need to be written in both languages.

Event Description - This is where you can include a brief description of your event. It will appear in the same location as your event website, which is the "About" section of your "Event Information" section.

Event Website - You have the option of linking to your event website or company website in your event app. The event website will appear in the "About" section of your "Event Information" section.

Event Icon - This is where you can upload your Event Icon. Supported file types are .JPG, .JPEG and .PNG with a maximum file size of 24 MB. We recommend image dimensions of at least 1024x1024 pixels. This icon will show in the login pages and browser tab associated to your event.


This area is where you will determine what email address will be displayed for system generated emails such as announcement emails, as well as what inbox your Help Desk questions will be directed to. 

Selecting An Email To Send From
The default option provided will be a unique email that has been created specifically for your event, and will follow the format (event code)@event-emails.com. Alternatively, you can use a Custom Email Address by selecting this radio option and inputting the email address you would like to display as sender for these communications.

Event Support Email
The Event Support Email field is where you will want to include the email address that will receive any incoming inquiries from your attendees. These will be submitted via the Event Information section of the app, within the Help Desk area. 

Event Dates

Event Start Date - This is the day that your event will begin. Once your event begins, this date cannot be modified.

Event End Date - This is the day that your event will end. Once your event ends, this date cannot be modified. Maximum Event duration is 7 days.

Event Timezone - By default, your timezone will be set to Eastern Time. Timezones are in GMT format and once you change it, times appearing in the app will reflect this time zone. (Note: The Event Space itself will appear in the event's timezone unless the Set the default timezone to be the Event Timezone toggle has been disabled under the Settings area of the Experience Manager.  The Event Timezone will determine when email communications are sent from the platform to your attendees Attendees will also have the option to adjust the timezone of the Event Space within the Preferences option of the right hand menu in the EventSpace.

Time Format - You can switch times within your app to appear in 12- or 24-hour format.

Event Location

Event Location Name - This is the name of the venue that your event will be held. This detail will be included wherever your event location name is referenced, for example under the search bar in your sections menu.

Event Location Address - This is the address of the venue that your event will be held.