What is EventMobi Live Display and why do I need it?

EventMobi Live Display is a way for you to display all of your event information for your attendees at-a-glance. It works by displaying your event’s social media activity, session schedule, a live news ticker, announcements, game leaderboard, and sponsored content on an HD screen of your choice. View the video to see the tool in action.

Why does my event need a Live Display?

Attendees not only want access to important event information, they also want to be engaged with the event. EventMobi’s Live Display highlights game leaderboards and tweets to add a personal touch to the event for your attendees, as well as a news ticker, WiFi details, and the weather. Clearly display all relevant information, such as agenda details and speaker bios. We also want you to be able to take advantage of sponsored content and be able to showcase sponsors on the big screen. Lastly, you can quickly send announcements on the spot to be shown on the Live Display screens throughout the event, or schedule events to pop-up throughout the day.

Note: Each screen that you are using on the Live Display will be presented for 30 seconds at a time before moving on to the next screen. For the Partners screen in particular, please keep in mind that only one image will be displayed while the Partner screen is being presented, however, these images will rotate to display the next time that the Partner screen is presented.