Will Updates To My App Be Reflected In The EventMobi App?

Although your event information will be accessible natively by downloading the EventMobi Universal App, it will not require the standard approval process and timelines. Updates you make to your app will be reflected instantly for attendees that are using the EventMobi app and the web based version of your Event Space.
Most changes will push through to their device automatically, while some may require the attendees to simply press the "Update Now" button in the Event Space menu.

Tip #1: A list of all changes that will trigger the Update Now option on the Event Space can be found in the following article.

Tip #2: With the knowledge in the above linked article, event organizers are able to "force" the Update Now button to appear. For example, if you make any changes to an area, that is not triggering the Update Now button, you are able to make another (small) change of an area, that will automatically trigger the Update Now button.