Why aren't some posts appearing on our social wall?

This guide is designed to assist you in determining the reasons behind posts not appearing on your social media wall.

Effective start and end date: When submitting your Social Wall request to the EventMobi team, it is crucial to provide accurate start and end dates for the tracker. Posts made before the start or after the end dates will not be reflected. If necessary, contact your social wall/live display specialist to modify these dates.

Moderation: The moderation settings depend on the information provided in the intake form. Upon confirmation from the social wall specialist, a moderation link is shared via email. You have the flexibility to decide which posts to reflect by toggling the moderation option on or off through the provided link. For detailed instructions on moderating your posts, refer to this link.

Instagram: Posts from public profiles featuring specified keywords/hashtags will be reflected on the social wall. Note that posts from private profiles will not be tracked. Ensure the posts meet these criteria for accurate tracking.

FaceBook: Only posts containing the designated keywords/hashtags from the shared Facebook pages will be tracked. Verify that the correct pages are linked and that the posts align with the specified keywords.

Youtube: For YouTube, only videos with the specified keywords/hashtags from the designated channels will be tracked. Confirm the correct channels are connected and that the videos meet the specified criteria.

TikTok: Only posts from influencers that were logged will be tracked.

If posts still fail to appear, take the following steps:

  1. Share the website URL of the non-reflecting posts with your social wall specialist.
  2. Collaborate with the social wall specialist to troubleshoot and identify any technical or configuration issues.