What's The Best Way To Get My Abstracts And Poster Sessions On The Event Space?

Abstracts and poster sessions at medical conferences can number in the hundreds, and it can be daunting to put them all on the Event Space. Here are two ways of doing so that will make your life a lot easier:


Via Sessions/Agenda

Putting poster sessions in an Agenda section is easy. Our intuitive Excel templates make it a pretty simple copy/paste job if your information is clean and organized, except for document attachment

Sessions each support a time-slot, linked profiles, and attached documents. Sessions can also be organized into Tracks, which help you to organize your posters visually to make them more easily navigable on the Event Space. If you will be attaching documents to your sessions, then we recommend uploading them to the Documents library first, and then attach them to each relevant session you are creating. This is how people typically add their abstracts and poster sessions.

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Via Documents Library

Document sections are another way of displaying your abstracts and poster sessions. Since poster sessions typically occur concurrently in huge breakouts, it's not always necessary to give them a time slot. Also, since each speaker basically presents on a poster, much of the relevant information is contained on their documentation. Using the documents section allows you to attach that documentation much more quickly than if you had to upload the specific documents for each poster session separately.

Repurposing a Folder Section Type

You can still achieve much of the same categorization functionality using Folder sections and links.
If you want to try it on your own, just follow these instructions:

  1. Create a documents section for every category you want to create in order to sort your documents.
  2. Create a new Folder section and name it appropriately. This is the section attendees will see in the left-hand menu when they're accessing the Event Space.
  3. Within the Folder section you created, select the Add button to choose Link from the dropdown menu.
    Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 11.25.34
  4. Create a link for each Documents section that you previously created. To find the specific URL for that section, simply open the web version of your Event Space in a new browser window and copy the URL from there (the URL should start with the format eventmobi.com/eventcode).
  5. Make sure to name the link according to the category you are looking to establish before saving your change.
  6. Return to the Sections area under Event Space and hide each Documents section you had created by clicking into it and selecting the Hide section checkbox. Save your changes after that.

Now, when attendees go to the Event Space, they will click into your Folder section, where they will see all the links you created to your different Documents sections. Each link represents a category, and clicking the link will bring them to the appropriate documents section, giving them access to all the documents you established for that particular category.