What Printer Works with the Badge Designer?

The printer that works best with the Badge Designer will depend on the type of badge that you are looking to create for your event.

Letter / A4



Letter / A4-sized Badge Page Paper

Keep the following use cases in mind when considering this badge type:

  • Printing multiple badges on a single page: This option works well with Avery style badge paper as well as creating full-sized and smaller badges.
  • Perforated cardboard placed into clear badge holders: Badges can be purchased from office supply companies or specialty suppliers. 
  • Printing on adhesive badge paper: This option works well when you are looking to print additional information such as a welcome letter, or other, on to the badge.
  • Pre-printing badges: Printing multiple badges on a single page on demand is challenging since it is difficult to print on the same sheet multiple times.

Recommended Printer: Any Desktop Printer

Any desktop printer that connects to your computer will work well for Letter / A4 sized badges. 

A few considerations: 

  • Budget: A basic black and white printer can range to 120 USD, and higher end color printers can range up to 900 USD. 
  • Speed: Regular printers can print between 20-70 pages per minute, while high performance printers can print more than 100 pages per minute. 
  • Ink / Toner Availability & Cost: Larger printer brands such as Brother, HP, Canon and Epson are more easily available. 
  • Availability of Third-Party Ink / Toner: Many printer companies employ DRM technologies to lock customers into using their own ink and toner. Open systems can be preferable as they allow you to use other ink and toners. 
  • Format: The printer must be capable of printing Letter / A4 sized paper. 
  • Size: This will determine how easy it is transport the printer to your local event office.

Full-Size Printed Badges

Keep the following use cases in mind when considering this badge type:

  • Ability to print individual badges
  • Reducing waste
  • Less time to assemble badges (most can be worn once printed without modifications other than potentially folding)
  • Ability to print in full color or to print in black on pre-printed badges

Recommended Printer: Shipping Label Printers
(Thermal Direct, Thermal Transfer or Colour)

These printers can usually print endless paper, up to 4 inches wide and are commonly used in manufacturing or shipping. Below you will find a description of each printer type to help you determine which one may be best for your event. 

Thermal Direct
  • Uses thermal heat on heat-sensitive material that blackens during printing
  • Consumables: None, but does require a specific thermal paper
  • Can only print in black
Thermal Transfer
  • Uses a heated ribbon that works with different material types
  • Consumables: Heated ribbon
  • Can only print in a single color (usually black), so it is ideal for pre-printed badges
  • Works on any badge paper
Full Color
  • Uses inkjet
  • Consumables: Ink
  • Prints in full color 
  • Works on any badge paper

Note: The performance of printers will depend on the manufacturer.

Insert-Badges for Badge Holders

This badge type is also sometimes referred to as Onsite Event Passes and are often pre-printed badges in full color that are contained in a plastic pouch that holds the name of the attendee. 

Alternatively, adhesive labels with the attendee names can be added to pre-printed badges. 

Recommended Printer: Small Label Printer or Desktop Printer

Insert-Badges can be created using any desktop printer or small label printer. 

A few considerations:

  • Small Label printers can quickly print on smaller labels (adhesive or non-adhesive)
  • Can print directly on adhesive fabric printers
  • Prints in a single color

Note: We do not recommend using newer DYMO printers as they have implemented DRM (Digital Rights Management). This means that the printers will only work with the original paper. Older DYMO printers (series 4 and before), however, will work.