What is a Social Wall and How Do I Set it Up?


What does the Social Wall do?

The Social Wall allows you to track hashtags to monitor and under how your followers and attendees are engaging  during your event. This is an amazing way to identify key influencers and to see how the world through their eyes. Defining the hashtags and keywords that you want to track and exclude from the social wall gives you the freedom to curate the posts to best display the positive experiences of your event.

Which Platforms can I track?

  • Facebook:  Tracks hashtags and keywords from posts within an informed Facebook public page(s).
    Please be aware, that only posts from the informed pages will be captured by the tracker.
  • Twitter:  Any public posts that include the hashtags and keywords
  • YouTube: Tracks hashtags and keywords under a YouTube video
  • Instagram:  Any public posts that include the hashtag or keywords.
    Please note that when we are collecting posts from a specific profile, only public posts from the chosen profile will be trackable.

Information that won't be tracked

1. Limited historical data backfill. Twitter is the only platform that supports this feature
Location can only be identified if entered by attendee in their post
Steps to set up

2. Completing the intake form for setting up the Social wall will allow us to generate the social media wall for your event. Please complete the intake form below so that we can get started on creating your new social wall!

Can I Moderate the Content on My Social Wall?
A moderation link will be provided to you once your Social Wall is active. This link will provide you access to enable or disable moderation as needed. 

When moderation is enabled, you will have access to click on each post and set the visibility as needed. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 3.07.27 PM

Social Media Wall Intake Form

Please complete the form below so that our team can start working on setting up your Social Wall!

                                  Please allow at least 5 business days to complete your request.