Live Stream Analytics

If you are planning to use a native livestream to share session content with your attendees, then managing and monitoring the viewer hours will be important to ensuring that you are staying within your purchased limit. 

In the Analytics area of the Experience Manager you will find a Livestream option where you will have access to see the total number of livestream viewing time available for your event, and the total amount of hours that you have used so far. 

To develop a better understanding of where you viewer hours have been used, you can also reference the Livestream (RTMP) Usage chart to see your viewing trends, and a breakdown of how much streaming time and viewing time applied to each session. 

What is Viewer Time 

Viewing time refers to the time spent by attendees viewing the livestream content. Viewing time is based on the number of people (or devices) that are viewing the content that is being displayed from the session. 

View Hours help to give a better sense as to the total number of people that have attended your virtual session, however, it is not an exact representation. View Hours are calculated based on the number of devices that are viewing the livestream, and can therefore appear a bit higher than expected in situations where attendees have connected to the session from multiple devices. 


It is important to note that all Livestream data displayed from your Analytics is delayed by 12 hours, and does reflect the real time usage of your livestream views. 

Will I be cut off from livestreaming once I surpass my limit of View Hours?

Our Livestream Analytics and email notifications are meant to help you in monitoring how much view hours you are using towards your total available, however these will not cause any disruption to your livestream connection to ensure that your session can continue without an issue. It is, however, important to note that any additional View Hours that you have accumulated over the total available will be invoiced to your account.