How Do I Check In Attendees Onsite?

Our Attendee Check In feature helps to support your in-person and hybrid events by allowing your team to keep track of who is attending the event. 

Using our Onsite App, your team can manually check attendees in or out of the event and sessions, or you can offer a Kiosk Mode to allow attendees to complete self check in/out. 

Adding People

Before you can begin using the Check In feature, you will need to define a list of People who will be attending the event. This will determine who can be checked into and out of your event or sessions. 

To create your People list, add profiles to the People Library using one of the following methods: 

  • Add profiles manually using the Add Person button
  • Add profiles by importing our Excel Template
  • Sync profiles from your registration or another integration

Setting Up Your Check In 

Within the Onsite App area of your Experience Manager, you will find an option for Check In where invitations can be sent to anyone you are looking to have manage the check in process for your event. 

Check In invitations will be sent via email, and will provide the recipient with a unique Access Code that can be used to log into the Onsite App for the event. Those that are already listed as an organizer for the event will automatically have access to the Check In feature for any events that are listed within your event, and can log in using their Experience credentials (email and password).

Note: Invitations to access the Onsite App will need to be sent on a per event basis. 

Sending Invites to the Onsite App

  • Open the Onsite App menu to access the Check In option
  • In the Users tab, select the Invite button
  • Input the Email Address of the person that you would like to invite, followed by the language that the invitation should be sent in

Check In Invite

Once an invite has been sent, an email will be received to the email that you had indicated. This email will include an Access Code that will need to be used to log into the Onsite App to access the Check In feature. 

Access Code

Organizers within the Experience Manager will have access to see the Access Codes that have been assigned by selecting the Eye Icon available. Additional options to Send Email and Delete will be available to assist you with resending or removing access to the invitation as needed. 

invite status

Setting the Check In Options

In the Settings tab of the Check In area of Experience, you will find additional options to help in customizing the Attendee Check In feature that will be used for the event. 

Kiosk Mode 

The Kiosk mode of your Check In feature allows you to offer a self service option for your attendees to complete the check in/out process onsite. This can be done by scanning their unique QR Code available from the Attendee Dashboard of the Event Space or using the search option available. 

Your Kiosk mode can be enabled and customized from the Settings area of the Check In page located under Onsite App of the Experience Manager.

Check Out 
Within the Settings tab you will also find an option to Enable Check Out if applicable. Making use of this feature will help to give you better visibility into your participation levels (rather than just attendance) by allow you to see how much time each attendee spent at the event and your individual sessions. 

Search by Name or Email 
Finally, the Settings tab will allow you to enable a Search option that can be used in place of a QR scan for check in and check out. 

Note: The QR Code option will still be available when the Search option has been enabled - this feature is meant to act as a secondary means of checking attendees in or out of the event/sessions. 

Profile & Success Screen

This area of the Settings page is where you can enable the option to Show People Groups from the profiles and confirmation screens display when using the Onsite App. 

When the Show People Groups checkbox is enabled, the Group information will display only  for those that have been given access to manage the Onsite App at the event. 

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 3.43.40 PM

Using the Onsite App

Each person that will be handling the Check In feature for your event will need to download the Onsite App  to any recent Apple or Android device that they will be using and/or providing for this purpose. 

Logging into the Onsite App

Anyone that is already listed as an organizer for the event will automatically have access to log into the Onsite App using the same username and password that they use to log into the Experience Manager. 

Those that do not have organizer access can be invited to log using a unique Access Code that they will be provided with by email. 

Once logged in, the user will find a list of any events that they have been invited to and/or that they are listed as an organizer for. A hamburger menu to the top lefthand side will also offer the user the option of adjusting the Language that the Onsite App displays in. 

Note: Only events that are using the Onsite App will be listed. 


After clicking on the event, the user will be asked to select between Event or Session Check In

From here, a menu including the following options will be made available: 

  • Check In
  • Check Out
  • Search 
  • Kiosk


Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 1.44.52 PM-1

Using Attendee Check In and Check Out as an Organizer

Once you have logged into the onsite app, you will have the option to check in or check

out your attendees using a Search or by scanning a QR Code that the attendee can a

ccess from the My Badge area of the Attendee Dashboard on the Event Space. 

When the check in or check out is complete, a confirmation page will appear to display the following attendee information: 

  • Attendee name
  • Pronouns
  • Email address
  • Company and Title
  • People Groups that the attendee has been assigned to

Untitled (4)-1

Note: Up to 3 People Groups will display by default. Select the icon to display all People Groups applicable to the attendee that you are checking in or checking out of the event. 

Using Self Check In/Out

To enable the Kiosk option on a device that you are using onsite, follow the steps outlined below: 

  • Select the Kiosk option found in the bottom menu of the Onsite App
  • Enter in a name that will represent the particular Kiosk you are creating (this will be represented in your event Analytics)
  • Select the type of kiosk that you would like to create, Check In or Check Out 

While in Kiosk mode, attendees will be able to scan their QR Code to check in or out. If you have enabled the Search option, then this will also be available as an alternative means to checking in or out of the event/sessions. 

Note: Attendees will not have access to exit the Kiosk mode. To navigate back to the Onsite App, an invited user will need to select the Lock Icon located to the top lefthand side and enter their credentials (Access Code or Username & Password). 

Check In Analytics

Event Attendance Analytics

The analytics related to your event attendance rates can be found within the People tab of the Analytics area in the Experience Manager. 

Select the Onsite option at the top lefthand side of the page to access the following details: 

  • Total number of People that have been added to the event
  • Total number of unique check ins
  • Check ins and check outs over time
  • Breakdown of attendee check ins and check outs including date and timestamps

Session Attendance Analytics

The analytics related to your session attendance rates can be found within the Sessions tab of the Analytics area in the Experience Manager. 

Here you will find details related to: 

  • Total number of sessions
  • Total number of check ins
  • Total number of check outs
  • Breakdown of session check ins and check outs including date and timestamps

To narrow down the analytics related to a specific session, use the dropdown menu provided at the top lefthand side. 

Please be aware that all reports will display the time zone in UTC and not in the event time zone.

If you are looking to efficiently convert time zones in Excel, we recommend checking out our article 'Converting Time Zones in Excel.' This resource will help you master the process of converting UTC time to the event time zone seamlessly.