How Do I Get Started With Live Display And How Can I Set It Up?

How do I get started?
You can get started today! Reach out to your Account Manager for more information.

Can I manage what is published on the Live Display?
Yes, you will be 100% in control of the content. We also integrate with our Social Wall service to help you in sharing your event's social media posts from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok

Can I remove one of the screens?
If your event doesn’t feature one of the four screens (Sponsors, Gamification, etc.), we can remove it for you on your Live Display.

Can I replace one of the screens with different information?
Live Display is designed to feature a social wall, agenda information, a gamification leaderboard, and sponsorship. At the moment, we don’t support changing the screen format.

Can I customize it?
Live Display is fully customizable to show your event branding.

Can I choose what news content shows on the bottom?
Yes. We can pull content from any news wire of your choosing. Our default news source is Reuters World News.

How much does it cost?
Live Display is included in some EventMobi packages, or can be purchased as an add on. Contact your Account Manager today to request a demo and pricing

How many Live Display screens can I have?
As many as you want! Live Display runs in a web browser, so we will provide you with a link you can display on as many screens as you’d like. It’s fully optimized for a 1080P HD screen.

Do you supply the equipment?
No, we just supply the Live Display link. Live Display only supports Chrome at this point in time. We suggest a 16:9 format displays for best resolution. Live Display will not work on low-power or low functionality devices & browsers (SmartTV browsers, Raspberry-Pi, Arduino, etc). You need a minimum 1 GB of RAM, 1GHz Processor and a video controller that can display 1080P content. For best results, we recommend that the Overscan capabilities on the TV displays be turned off.