How can I control which attendees’ profiles are public in the app?

You may have participants at your event who want to use the Event App, but do not want to be included in the app’s attendee list.

You can use Experience Manager’s People Groups to distinguish between participants who want to be included in the attendee list and exclude those who do not. To do this:

  1. Create two groups to organize your attendees: “Include in Attendee List” and “Exclude from Attendee List.”
  2. Assign attendees to the appropriate group.
  3. In your Event App’s Section configuration, create a People section (or edit your existing People section) and configure it to include people in your “Include in Attendee List” group.

  4. When participants request that their profile be excluded from the attendee list, simply move them from the “Include in Attendee List” to the “Exclude from Attendee List” group.

Note that if users choose to participate in app games, or message another participant directly, their profile information will be shared on the leaderboard or with those they privately message. You may want to outline this in your Terms of Use, and/or share the data specifically with those who request to have their profiles hidden.