How Big Should My Images Be?

Image Guide
EventMobi's graphics gurus have created a guide with all the recommended image dimensions you need to create logos, widgets, and banner ads that look great on your event space.

NOTE: When you upload images, please ensure that you use letters or numbers; image upload names cannot include special characters such as _ - , / # ! ? = + ( ) 

General Web Graphics Info
Generally speaking, web images should have the following features:
Pixels Per Inch (PPI): 72
Colour Profile: RGB
Size: 16 MB

Home Screen Widgets
Home Screen widgets appear on your app's landing page. They're the first thing your users will see when they finally load the app, so it's important to make them engaging.

Our Home Page Designer makes it very easy to resize your widgets to best fit your ideal home page design. You do not need to worry about exact image sizes fitting the widget as you have the ability to completely resize your images by dragging the widget to the size and scale you desire.

For more information on creating amazing Home Page Designs, check out this article.

Background Image

When adding your background image to your Home page, it is important to consider the general screen size of the attendees at your event. We recommend using the biggest image possible when adding your background image as that will work for most screen sizes. 

2000px background images can work with most screen sizes - however, the bigger the image the better. 

Event Space Icon

The Event Space Icon is used to show your icon in the tab of the web browser or when you download the web based app to your phone or tablet, and if you've opted to put your app in the app store, it appears on your app's preview page. If you're not offering the app in an app store, your icon can be as small as 100x100 pixels. If you are planning to put the app in an app store, you should use a much higher resolution image. We recommend 1024x1024 pixels to ensure the optimal display in all app stores. This icon will also be used to represent your app for users who are accessing the event information from the EventMobi app. 

Loading Image
The Loading Image appears when your event space is loading. It looks like this on the event space:


The graphic itself should be 600 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. 

Banner Ads
Banner ads appear at the top of the menu and throughout the Agenda, Companies, and People sections (every 9 entries or so). To learn more about banner ads and other sponsorship opportunities, check out this article of the FAQs.  

Here is an example of a banner ad in your app menu.

Banner ads must be .jpg, .gif, or .png files and must have a height-to-width ratio of 1:6, so keep that in mind when designing your banner ads.

Profile Pictures and Company Logos
The profile pictures and logos that appear in people, and company profiles are resized on the app to 100 x 100 pixels. As such, we recommend using square images to maximize their size and resolution on the app.


Pre- and Post-Stream Images

For the Pre-Stream and Post Stream Images for your Live Streaming video your images should be 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

Maps can be any size you like, but we recommend keeping them around 1200 pixels high and 1500 pixels wide at largest. Keep in mind that the map file is going to be viewed on a mobile device; it needn't be huge provided that it's clear. We usually try to keep maps around 150kb. 

Registration Page Cover Photo
The cover image that appears at the top of your registration page should be 1920 x 600 pixels. 

If you need any other assistance with your images, don't hesitate to contact Support.