Email to Speakers

This email template will provide your speakers will all the information they will need to know to prepare for their presentation.

Dear Speaker, 


Thank you for speaking at XXX event. We’re so excited to have you present and look forward to your presentation. There are many ways that you can present and engage with your audience in this new virtual format. 


Preparing for Your Presentation




Having a strong internet connection will help to avoid interruptions, and will help to make sure that the video is appearing in the best quality possible. We recommend plugging into a hard line directly if you can, or locate yourself as close to the router as possible. 


Camera & Audio 


Before streaming, make sure that your camera is clean! Fingerprints on the screen can reduce the overall quality of the video that is being captured. 


Use an external microphone or headset - this will prevent audio feedback and will help to isolate their voice. It is also best if the microphone does not obstruct your face too much while they are presenting as it will be visible during the session and may cause distraction to the audience. 


Lighting, Framing & Composition


The camera should never be working against the light, so any lighting should be coming from in front of you. Keep in mind that the computer screen will also act as a source of lighting - so adjusting the overall brightness of the screen is recommended.


While the speaker is presenting, they should look into the camera as much as possible to keep a direct eye line with the audience. They should also appear in the center of the video, and make sure that there is enough space on the sides and bottom to allow for overlays that may be needed to share titles and other graphics. 




When choosing where to record the video, consider what additional items may create distraction - to you or to the audience. 


  • The location should be removed from outside distractions or interruptions (including background noise)
  • Everything needed for the presentation close by, so that it is available when it is time to use it
  • The background shouldn't be too distracting and should help to set the right tone (consider removing family photos, etc. to keep privacy). 
  • Clothing should be solid colours without large logos or branding (this could conflict with sponsorships at the event), and accessories should be avoided if they may get in the way or create additional noise while moving during the presentation. 


Engagement Features to Consider


We have many tools for you to keep your attendees engaged and interested in your presentation. 


If your presentation includes Q&A you can preview the questions directly in via a webpage provided by your event organizer. Your event organizer has access to a moderation feature so if there are questions you don’t feel comfortable responding to they do have the option of hiding them. 


If your presentation includes live polls - your attendees can respond directly in the virtual space. You can share the results directly from your own computer via a link or your event organizer can help with this. Please note there could be up to 60 second stream delay between results being displayed so we recommend repeating the question slowly to give people time to respond. 


Session chat


During your presentation attendees will have the option of participating in chat throughout your session to engage with your content and each other. If you’re not presenting live but coming joining for just a Q&A we encourage you to explore the chat to see how attendees are responding to your content.


Logging into the Virtual Space


Just like our attendees, you can gain access to the Virtual space to start engaging and participating in the same thing our attendees have access to. If this is your first time logging into the virtual space, you will enter your email address and create your password - if you have logged into an EventMobi virtual space, you will use the same password as previously entered.


How do I Login If My Password Isn’t Working