Sharing the Event Agenda/Program from your Registration Site

Your EventMobi Registration site will offer you the option of showcasing the various sessions and activities that will be taking place using an Agenda/Program page that attendees can review to find more information. 

Note: The Agenda/Program page is used to display session information. If you are looking to offer session selection from your registration site, please read our Knowledge Base articles on Creating Tickets. 

Creating your Agenda/Program Page

In the Content area of your EventMobi Registration platform you will find an option for Website where you can edit and manage your registration pages. 

Select the three dots on the left of the Program option to find the Edit option available. 

Adjust the name of your Program if needed (i.e. to Agenda or Schedule of Events), and then define its URL. You will also have the option of adding a Cover Image and a Description for this page. 

Adding Items to your Agenda/Program

Adding Days

Begin building out your Agenda/Program page by adding in Days. To do so, select the Add a Row option followed by Day. Fill in the information for Date, Title and Description if needed. 

Adding Sessions

Once your day has been added, you can then organize it into multiple Sessions (if applicable). To do so, select the Add a Row option followed by Session. Edit the session to include all relevant information. 

Adding Time Slots

Your Agenda/Program can be broken down even further using the Time option to outline the specific hours and/or time slots that sessions will be taking place. To do so, select the Add a Row option followed by Time. Input the time of day, and a description for that particular time slot. You can add as many time rows as needed within each day, session or as a standalone entry. 

If your Agenda/Program runs over multiple days and sessions, you can simply repeat the steps outlined above to continue adding your information to this page. 

Tips for Building your Agenda/Program

  • Your Agenda/Program can be made of Days, Sessions and/or Times. If needed, these items can be used in combination to help in outlining how your event sessions and activities will be organized, for example, an event may take place over several days, or only over a few hours. 
  • If you are working with a complex Agenda/Program and want to simply the process of adding this information to your registration site, consider using a Blank Page to outline your session information instead. 
  • Within each row of your Agenda/Program, you can refer to a Speaker that you have created on the Speakers page of your registration site. This will display the Speaker's description directly from the Agenda/Program page when you hover over their name. 
  • You can use drag and drop on elements and Agenda/Program entries to organize items easily.