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In this article, we'll be taking you through how to share your event data using the sections of your Event Space. We will also cover how you can use section settings to determine the content that can be displayed at the Event Space and who it is shared with.

Let’s start by visiting the section area of the Experience Manager under Event Space ⇒ Sections in the left-hand menu. Here, you'll find a series of default sections available, including attendees, speakers, agenda, companies, gamification, surveys, announcements, discussions, activity feed and event information. Some of these sections will help you to display content that's been added to the libraries of your Experience Manager, and others will allow you to add new content to them. 


Default sections that are tied to your libraries will be set to display all the content that's been added. You can adjust this by clicking on the Edit option for that section and adjusting the section content to display specific tracks or groups. You also have the option to define who should see the section from the event space menu by updating the section visible to area to include only specific people groups.

Furthermore, you can further customize the section by adjusting the section name and icon. 

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When selecting an icon, you will get 15 options visible at first. You can use the search bar to show further icons. We do have the full library of Icons available in this article, so you can see what other options you have. 

section icon-1

The section itself can also be hidden or deleted when needed.

Some default sections such as gamification, maps, announcements, polls & surveys, activity feed and group discussions are already available after the event is created. Such sections can be set hidden but cannot be removed.

How can I create new sections?

To create new sections for your event space left-hand menu, click on the add sections option in green. These options are grouped by 3 main section types.

Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 13.24.26

Libraries Sections

Over this dropdown list, you'll have access to different section types you can use to show some of your library's content, including people, agenda, companies, documents and videos

Content Sections

The link section type will allow you to link to web hosted or social media content from the left-hand menu of your Event Space. Website URL is where you can enter a URL to a web page of your choice. Alternatively, you can input the URL to a specific page of your Event Space to make finding content even easier for your attendees. Any URLs that are linking to a page within your Event Space will open directly within the Event Space itself.

Links to external websites will instead direct attendees to a new browser page. Using the checkbox option to embed a website, you can allow the website page to open within the Event Space as well. However, it's important to note that the targeted website itself will need to allow embedding for this type of usage. 

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Social media links will allow you to link to a social media handle or hashtag of your choice by selecting the appropriate icon from the list available. 

Screenshot (2)-1

Page Sections & Designer Page Sections are an effective way to share event relevant information, either over a simple text page or by getting a custom designed page over EventMobi’s page designer.

Groupings Sections

If you're looking to share information and links that are not contained within your libraries, then the folder section may be a better fit for you. Here, you can include a combination of pages and direct links. 

Over our Knowledge Base, we have a detailed description of how and for what content folder sections can be used.

The final section type, you'll notice, is the divider, this is used to create a bit more visual separation between different sections of the menu. 

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The order that the sections are displayed within the Experience Manager is the order that they will also display within the Event Space. To adjust the order, select the reorder sections option and drag and drop the sections into place. Don’t forget to click save after you’ve finished!

Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 13.30.06

To hide a section from the menu entirely, click on the Edit option next to the section and select the checkbox to hide the section. All hidden sections will be represented with a watermark in the Experience Manager to let you know that they're not currently set to visible. 

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How to view changes once settings were made?

Once your sections are complete, use the View in your Event Space link to see how they're being displayed from the Event Space. 

Keep in mind that sections may or may not display for you based on the groups that your username has been assigned to. 

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