Can we restrict access to videos based on what attendees have paid for?

Yes! We can use the content visibility settings for sections to make certain videos only available to specific People groups.

There are two recommended ways to restrict access the videos on your sessions and these are:

Create Agenda Section and set the content visibility settings

  1. In your Experience Manager, go to Sections under the Event App product
  2. Click on Add Section and choose the Agenda option
  3. On Section Visible to, click Specific People Groups and select the group(s) that should have access to see the videos. (Assign a group to the people who you would like to view the videos via the People library)
  4. On Section Content, click Show Specific Tracks and select the track containing the sessions with your videos. (You can assign a track to these sessions within the Sessions library)
  5. Click Add Section.


Add Personal Schedule

  1. Open each relevant session then select the Attendees tab.
  2. Click Add Attendees to Sessions and type in the names of the people that should have access to view the video. If you have several attendees, you may add them via Excel template. Click here for instructions.
  3. Create another Agenda section and set the content visibility setting (as per the instructions above).
  4. Hide this Agenda section from view so that it will not be available from the menu.

(If you are creating personal schedules for all of your sessions then you may want to consider hiding your main Agenda section as well.)