Can I Create Personal Schedules For Attendees?

Personal schedules can be assigned to your attendees directly within the Sessions library of your Experience Manager. This allows you to determine what sessions will automatically appear within the Attendee Dashboard for specific attendees, rather than requiring them to find and add sessions in the app themselves.

People Profiles

Although personal schedules can be added to any profile you have saved to the People library, it is important to note that the user will need to log into the Attendee Dashboard (right hand menu) of the app to view the sessions that have been assigned to them.

Creating Personal Schedules In Experience
Adding Attendees To Sessions
1. Access the Sessions Library
2. Select the session you would like to create personal schedules for
3. Enter the Attendees tab and select the Add Attendee  option in green
4. Type ing the name of the person you would like to add, and save

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 1.20.05 PM

Removing Attendees From Sessions
1. Access the Session library.
2. Select the session you would like to update the personal schedule for. 
3. Enter the Attendee tab, and select the Remove option for all relevant attendees.
4. Use the check box located on the left hand side to Remove All Attendees.

Creating Personal Schedules Using The Excel Template
1. Access the Sessions Library
2. Select the Import/Export button from the right hand side of the page. 
3. If you have not yet added the session to your library, select Import to download a blank template. If you are looking to assign schedules to a session you have already created, then select Export to download a template containing all of your existing sessions in the library. 
4. In the Attendees column of the Sessions template, input the External ID of each attendee you would like to assign the session to. Separate each External ID using commas.

Tip: When creating your People profiles, use the email address as the External ID as well.

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 9.51.17 AM

Note: Excel has a limit of 32,767 characters per cell. We recommend assigning your own External IDs to People profiles to reduce the number of characters  used when assigning personal schedules from the Sessions Excel template.

Reviewing Personal Schedules

Personal schedules can be reviewed at the session, or attendee level depending on your preference. 

By Session
1. Enter the Sessions library.
2. Select the session you would like to review the personal schedule for. 
3. Use the search bar located to the right if you are looking for a specific attendee in the list. 
4. Click on the attendee name to be directed to their People profile and view their full personal schedule.

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 1.31.07 PM

By Attendee
1. Enter the People library
2. Select the profile that you would like to review the personal schedule for
3. Choose the Schedule tab to see how many sessions have been saved, and review which ones are currently assigned

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 1.32.06 PM