Can I Target Announcements and Push Notifications to Groups or Individuals?

Announcements offer a way of notifying your audience on important updates, and reminders that will keep them in the loop during your event. To increase the likelihood of your attendees seeing this information right away, you may also opt to send the content by Native Push Notification or by Email. Additionally, you can target your announcement to those it is most relevant to by sending it to Specific Groups or to Individuals

When will app users receive a push notification? 

Push notifications will be received by Apple or Android device users who have accessed your event information from a Custom Branded Native App or the EventMobi Universal app. When launching the app, users will receive a pop up to authorize push notifications for the event which they will need to accept. When creating your announcement you will also need to ensure that you select the "Also send as a native push notification" option. 

Push notifications will be received by app users regardless of the following: 

  • The event app has been minimized on the device. 
  • The notification is for an event that was not the last one accessed on a Multi-Event App. 
  • The user is logged into another app at the time that the notification is sent. 

If the app user is logged into the event at the time that a push notification is sent, then the app will recognize that they are already in the app to view the announcement's content and will not generate a push notification for them. If the app user is in another app from the one that the push notification is sent for then it will pop-up on the device screen and redirect the user to the correct event it was sent from. 

How does the push notification work? 

Attendees who receive a push notification will receive a pop-up that includes the Event Name and Message Body. Once the attendee has clicked on the push notification, they will be directed to view the in-app notification from the event app that it was sent from. If you have opted to send the announcement by email as well, then a separate notification will be sent directly to the attendee's inbox. 

Do attendees have to enable push notifications? 

Attendees will be opted-in to receiving push and email notifications that you are sending for the event by default, but will have access to make adjustments to the permissions for both push notifications and email from the Preferences area of the Attendee Dashboard if needed.