Will the Audience Engagement options for my sessions update in realtime?

The Audience Response area of your sessions will provide you with chat, Q&A and live poll options which can be enabled real time within the session page of your Event Space. 

What will update in realtime?

Turning chat, Q&A and Live Polls on or off will update in the Event Space realtime so that your attendees won't need to refresh the page to see these changes. Attendees that are viewing a feature that has been turned off will see a message to indicate that the event organizer has turned off the feature and to try again later. 

The visibility of live poll questions will update in realtime based on the toggle adjustments you are making within the session of the Experience Manager. Attendees will have immediately have access to any questions you are setting to visible, and will be redirected to the previous question when you are adjusting the status of a question to not visible.

Questions submitted to the Q&A feature will have a maximum of 100 upvotes available. Once this limit has been reached, the Upvote button will be greyed out to prevent further upvotes. If multiple questions have reached the maximum number of upvotes, then the order of the question will be determined based on when the maximum was reached.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 11.36.32 AM

Note: Moderation settings may prevent live results from displaying before they have been approved. Make sure to double check your Audience Response Settings to adjust as needed for your event.