App Store Connect API (Published)

A process that lets Eventmobi automatically upload your IOS build to the app store connect/test flight.

If you're able to provide this step, it'll simplify the process since the build will go directly to your App Store Connect Account/ Test Flight. To do this, you may need to accomplish the initial requirements. 

Once you're done, you may need to generate an API key from App Store Connect:

  • Go to App Store Connect, then go to "Users and Access". 
  • App_Store_Connect-1
  • If are on the 'User and Access' page for the first time choose 'Integrations' and then click 'Generate API Key
  • If you already generate other keys before, you will only need to add a new key. 
  • App_Store_Connect_-_new_key_to_the_set_you_already_have_
  • Once the App Store Connect API Key is generated, please, we would need:
    • Issuer ID (you can just press the blue 'copy' link so that you won't miss any character)
    • Key ID
    • API Key. (this is a '.p8' file that will be generated after pressing the "Download API Key" button) 
  • App_Store_Connect_-_New_key_to_share_-_Screenshot_2022-08-09_at_18_30_31
    Once you have this information and the downloaded key, place this information on the intake form.

Do not revoke/delete this key until we confirm the receipt of the key file

Next, you would need to Create a new app from App Store Connect:

Then click the "+" sign and choose "New App":

Then fill the next screen accordingly, and choose the bundle ID you created specifically for this app:

Once created, we would be able to create the build on our side and automatically send it to your app store connect/test flight.

Note: If you will use an existing app, you would need to tell us which version is listed. Otherwise, will use Version 1.0