Branded App Client Submission Requirements

What do I have to do if I want to submit a branded app to Google Play and Apple App Store by myself?

If you opted to handle the submission process for your branded app with your own team, it's important to know that you need to work with EventMobi in any case to successfully handle the app build aspect of this process. That means, we work with you to perform the app build data generation from our end so that you can submit the app to the Apple and Google Play App Stores. EventMobi does not have access to the admin details of your App Store developer account, so some information needs to be shared with us so that our team can start implementing the app build. 

Note: This data can be captured in advance to help in speeding up the build and submission process for your Branded App. 

 To generate a build file for you, we would need:
  • Name of the App for the App Stores - 30-Character Limit.
  • Name of the App, which shown below of the App icon on mobile devices - 12-Character Limit
  • App Icon Image in PNG file format,  1024×1024px size and NO transparency set, which will appear on the app store listing and description page. The icon is also shown on the home screen and  app menu of users' mobile devices.
  • Start-Up Image/Splash Image 

    This image will appear when users open the Branded App. The start-up image appears when the app is loading.

Please be aware of the Image safe zone. You'll notice that the start-up image is square. This is Apple's new requirement, and it accounts for the cropping on all different sizes of devices that the app will be accessed on.

Please ensure that no logos or text is in the RED ZONE so that we can account for the cropping on the sides and top of the image.  

Image Requirement: 2732×2732px with 1200×1764px in the safe zone.

  • App ID/Bundle ID 

     On the Apple Developer Console, go to 'Account' then select 'Certificates, IDs, and Profiles' under Program resources then choose the + sign under identifiers

    Choose App IDs then press 'Continue'

    Under 'Select a type' Choose 'App" then press Continue

    On the 'Register an App ID' you will need to do the following:
    • Place a Description (Note: You cannot use special characters such as @, &, *, ', ", -, .)
    • Bundle ID - Use a reverse-domain name style string (com.companyname.appname).
    • Tick the Push Notification Check Box - Make sure not to miss this as the build will fail without this.
    • Then press 'Continue'
  • App Store Connect API information - Go to App Store Connect then go to 'Users and Access' 
  • users and access-png

  • On the 'User and Access' page choose 'Keys' then click 'Generate API Key'
  • Once the App Store Connect API Key is generated, please capture these and send them to us.

    • Issuer ID (you can just press the blue 'copy' link so that you won't miss any character.
    • Key ID
    • API Key ( this is a '.pem' file that will be generated after pressing the "Download API Key" button. Warning! Don't delete this until we confirm the receipt of this file.
    Apple Push Notification Services Keys - Go to Apple Developer Console, then select "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles

    Press the blue + button under "Keys"

    Enter a Key Name, tick the "Apple Push Notifications service (APNs) check box then hit "Continue"

    On the next screen, please take note of the following and send them to us
    • APNS Key ID
    • APNS Key - ( this is a '.pem' file that will be generated after pressing the "Download" button. Warning! Don't delete this until we confirm the receipt of this file.
    • Team ID - Go back to the Apple Developer Console, under Program Resources choose "Membership" then copy the Team ID then send it to us.

After every requirement has been prepared and sent to us, we can start the build process. Once the build has been completed, we will reach out to hand over the assets.