Will The Event App Work On My Phone? What Devices Are Compatible?

Accessing The App 

On Your Mobile Browser
EventMobi can be accessed from any device with a web browser -- smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Our offline-capable app works smoothly on any device with a current operating system and mainstream browser:

- iOS 10 and later
- Android 5.0 and later
- Windows Phone 8.1 & 10

If you're viewing the app on an older mobile device or a slow internet connection, you may be redirected to a quick view that displays essential agenda and event date/time/location information. All devices will require connectivity for the initial download of the app. Once you have accessed the app, it will save itself to your browser and you will be able to access it offline thereafter.

From An App Store
The EventMobi app is also available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. To download the app from one of the app stores, your device must meet the following requirements.

- Apple App Store: iOS 10 and higher
- Google Play: Android 5.0 and higher

Users can download the EventMobi App and launch your event information automatically using the Smart Launch page assigned to your event. Your event's Smart Launch page URL will follow the format eventmobi.com/app/shortname.

Click here for more information on how to download the EventMobi app. 

If you are hosting a Custom Branded App or a Custom Branded Event Page under your own developer account, then users will instead have access to download directly to their device from the Apple App or Google Play stores. In this case a device that is using iOS 10 and higher, or Android 5.0 and higher will be required to download your event information. 

On Your Desktop Browser
It is also supported by all mainstream desktop browsers:

- Chrome 14 and later
- Safari 5.1 and later
- Firefox 6 and later
- Edge 40 and later 

However, you will not be able to download the icon to your desktop and will need to leave the app open to access it offline.