Will My Speaker Profiles Appear In The Attendees List?

People sections can be populated based on data you have entered into the People and Sessions libraries of Experience. Furthermore, you can select what specific data is pulled into these sections by establishing People Groups and Roles. This allows you the flexibility of including various people types within the Attendees section, should you need to. People profiles can be established as Speakers using people groups, or through roles within your sessions. Follow the steps listed below based on your preference. 

Creating Speaker Profiles Using People Groups
A default group labelled as Speaker will be available to you within the People library. To assign this group to any profiles you are creating or editing, simply select this option from the Groups dropdown menu available. Additionally, you can establish a People profile as a Speaker using the Groups column of your People Excel template. 

Creating Speaker Profiles Using Session Roles
Roles can be established to indicate how a person (outside of attendees) will be participating in your sessions. Roles can be used to represent Speakers, Moderators, Keynotes and Panels for example, and will provide app users with direct access to the relevant profile that has been attached.

  1. Access the Sessions library in Experience
  2. Enter the Sessions List to attach your people profiles to sessions
  3. Depending on which method you have chosen to upload your data, you may need to attach your profiles to the Speakers role by selecting from the dropdown menu while creating or editing your session, or by entering the external ID of your people profile into the Speaker (External IDs) column. To find the relevant external IDs for your roles simply export the the People Excel template from the People library..

Attaching Speakers To Your Attendees Section

  1. Select Event App from your Products list to enter the Sections area
  2. Click into the Attendee section and select the Specific People Group or Specific Session Roles option depending on how you have assigned your people profiles for Speaker
  3. Enter in the name of your people group or role before saving