Will I Still Have The Web Version?

How Do I Access The Web Version Of My App? 
The web based version of your app is accessible via a unique URL that will follow the format eventmobi.com/eventcode. If you are unsure of what your event code is, you can confirm this information in the Event Details area of your Experience Manager. 

The web based version of your app is ideal for attendees who wish to access your event information directly from a browser.

Should I Promote The Event App URL Or The Smart Launch Page For My App? 
When promoting your app, we recommend using the Smart Launch page assigned to your event as this will prompt iOS and Android users to download the EventMobi app. It will also direct any desktop and Windows users to the web based version of your app.  

For more information about the difference between the EventMobi app and the web based version of the app, check out this article of the FAQs.