Widget Image Library

If you are looking to customize your Event Space Home Page, but don't have a graphic design team to create custom images for you, give our Widget Image Library a try!  We have prepared Canva-editable widgets that you can browse and select from, and you can use any of these widgets to build your event space.

Download Instructions:

Scroll through the multiple designs available and click "Download the whole widget pack" at the bottom of each design pack. If you wish to edit or alter the widgets, you may do so by clicking the "Edit widgets using Canva" link, which will redirect you to a Canva template that you can edit. 

You can watch the video below to learn more on how to access these widgets.

Quick Note: While you can edit the widgets for free on Canva, a Pro account will allow you to export the widgets with a transparent background.


Canva-editable widgets

   Pick out your preferred widget style and either download all widget designs in a .zip file, or edit them using the Canva template link provided.


Widget 1_Live Stream     Widget 1_Support     Widget 1_Surveys     Widget 1_Partners     Widget 1_Group Discussions     Widget 1_Agenda

Widget 1_Activities     Widget 1_FAQs     Widget 1_Attendees     Widget 1_Join the Live Stream     Widget 1_Schedule     Widget 1_On Demand

Widget 1_Help     Widget 1_Polls & Feedback     Widget 1_Sponsors     Widget 1_Maps     Widget 1_Speakers     Widget 1_Ask a Question

Widget 1_Documents     Widget 1_Play to Win     Widget 1_Activity Feed     Widget 1_Gamification

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva



Widget 2_Partners     Widget 2_Join the Live Stream     Widget 2_Group Discussion     Widget 2_Activity Feed     Widget 2_Live Stream     Widget 2_Attendees

Widget 2_Ask a Question     Widget 2_Agenda     Widget 2_Maps     Widget 2_FAQs     Widget 2_On Demand     Widget 2_Activities

Widget 2_Help     Widget 2_Sponsors     Widget 2_Schedule     Widget 2_Polls & Feedback     Widget 2_Gamification     Widget 2_Play to Win

Widget 2_Surveys    Widget 2_Speakers    Widget 2_Documents    Widget 2_Support

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva



Widget 3_PurpleHelp     Widget 3_PurpleMaps     Widget 3_PurplePartners     Widget 3_PurpleFAQs     Widget 3_PurpleGamification     Widget 3_PurpleJoin the Live Stream

Widget 3_PurpleLive Stream     Widget 3_PurpleActivity Feed     Widget 3_PurplePlay to Win     Widget 3_PurpleSponsors     Widget 3_PurpleAttendees     Widget 3_PurpleSurveys

Widget 3_PurpleActivities     Widget 3_PurplePolls & Feedback     Widget 3_PurpleGroup Discussion     Widget 3_PurpleSpeakers     Widget 3_PurpleAsk a Question     Widget 3_PurpleSchedule

Widget 3_PurpleOn Demand     Widget 3_PurpleDocuments     Widget 3_PurpleSupport     Widget 3_PurpleAgenda

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva



Widget 3_BlueGamification     Widget 3_BlueAttendees     Widget 3_BlueJoin the Live Stream     Widget 3_BlueSurveys     Widget 3_BlueDocuments     Widget 3_BlueGroup Discussion

Widget 3_BlueLive Stream     Widget 3_BluePolls & Feedback     Widget 3_BluePartners     Widget 3_BlueSponsors     Widget 3_BlueSupport     Widget 3_BlueGamification

Widget 3_BlueAsk a Question     Widget 3_BlueSchedule     Widget 3_BluePlay to Win     Widget 3_BlueActivities     Widget 3_BlueActivity Feed     Widget 3_BlueOn Demand

Widget 3_BlueMaps     Widget 3_BlueHelp     Widget 3_BlueSpeakers     Widget 3_BlueAgenda

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva



Widget 4_Maps     Widget 4_Activity Feed     Widget 4_Group Discussions     Widget 4_Surveys     Widget 4_Ask a Question     Widget 4_Activities

Widget 4_Maps     Widget 4_Sponsors     Widget 4_Attendees     Widget 4_Partners     Widget 4_Speakers     Widget 4_Documents

Widget 4_FAQs     Widget 4_Live Stream     Widget 4_Join the Live Stream     Widget 4_Schedule     Widget 4_Play to Win     Widget 4_Polls & Feedback

Widget 4_Support     Widget 4_Help     Widget 4_Agenda     Widget 4_On Demand

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva



Widget 5_Gamification     Widget 5_Play to Win     Widget 5_Activities     Widget 5_Speakers     Widget 5_Attendees     Widget 5_Maps

Widget 5_FAQs     Widget 5_Partners     Widget 5_Group Discussions     Widget 5_Surveys     Widget 5_Join the Live Stream     Widget 5_Support

Widget 5_Polls & Feedback     Widget 5_Sponsors     Widget 5_Ask a Question     Widget 5_Schedule     Widget 5_Documents     Widget 5_On Demand

Widget 5_Gamification     Widget 5_Activity Feed     Widget 5_Agenda     Widget 5_Live Stream

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva



Widget 6_Left_Play to Win     Widget 6_Left_Polls & Feedback     Widget 6_Left_Documents     Widget 6_Left_Play to Win     Widget 6_Left_Gamification     Widget 6_Left_Maps

Widget 6_Left_Agenda     Widget 6_Left_Help     Widget 6_Left_Speakers     Widget 6_Left_Ask a Question     Widget 6_Left_Attendees     Widget 6_Left_On Demand

Widget 6_Left_Sponsors     Widget 6_Left_Activity Feed     Widget 6_Left_Join the Live Stream     Widget 6_Left_FAQs     Widget 6_Left_Live Stream     Widget 6_Left_Partners

Widget 6_Left_Group Discussions     Widget 6_Left_Schedule     Widget 6_Left_Support     Widget 6_Left_Surveys

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva



Widget 6_Right_FAQs     Widget 6_Right_Agenda     Widget 6_Right_On Demand     Widget 6_Right_Surveys     Widget 6_Right_Ask a Question     Widget 6_Right_Maps

Widget 6_Right_Support     Widget 6_Right_Schedule     Widget 6_Right_Help     Widget 6_Right_Live Stream     Widget 6_Right_Sponsors     Widget 6_Right_Play to Win

Widget 6_Right_Partners     Widget 6_Right_Polls & Feedback     Widget 6_Right_Gamification     Widget 6_Right_Activities      Widget 6_Right_Group Discussions     Widget 6_Right_Speakers

Widget 6_Right_Join the Live Stream     Widget 6_Right_Documents     Widget 6_Right_Attendees     Widget 6_Right_Activity Feed

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva



Widget 7_Ask a Question     Widget 7_Join the Live Stream     Widget 7_Polls & Feedback     Widget 7_Documents     Widget 7_Schedule     Widget 7_Sponsors

Widget 7_Play to Win     Widget 7_Speakers     Widget 7_Support     Widget 7_Attendees     Widget 7_Help     Widget 7_Agenda

Widget 7_Surveys     Widget 7_Partners     Widget 7_Live Stream     Widget 7_Activities     Widget 7_Speakers (2)     Widget 7_Gamification

Widget 7_On Demand     Widget 7_FAQs     Widget 7_Group Discussions     Widget 7_Activity Feed

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva



Widget 8_Play to Win     Widget 8_Polls & Feedback     Widget 8_Sponsors     Widget 8_Attendees     Widget 8_Ask a Question     Widget 8_Agenda

Widget 8_Schedule     Widget 8_Activity Feed     Widget 8_FAQs     Widget 8_Group Discussions     Widget 8_Speakers     Widget 8_Help

Widget 8_Join the Live Stream     Widget 8_Partners     Widget 8_Activities     Widget 8_Live Stream     Widget 8_Surveys     Widget 8_Maps

Widget 8_Support     Widget 8_Gamification     Widget 8_Documents     Widget 8_On Demand

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva



Widget 9_Sponsors     Widget 9_Schedule     Widget 9_Join the Live Stream     Widget 9_Documents     Widget 9_Support     Widget 9_Partners

Widget 9_Help     Widget 9_Attendees     Widget 9_Live Stream     Widget 9_Maps     Widget 9_Activities     Widget 9_Gamification

Widget 9_On Demand     Widget 9_Agenda     Widget 9_Play to Win     Widget 9_FAQs     Widget 9_Surveys     Widget 9_Activity Feed

Widget 9_Ask a Question     Widget 9_Polls & Feedback     Widget 9_Speakers     Widget 9_Group Discussions

Download the whole widget pack | Edit widgets using Canva