How do I unmute the session's video?

Several browser types include functionality that acts to mute auto-play videos by default - this behaviour is meant to provide a better user experience by preventing any sudden alarm when video ads appear on the website pages that you are visiting. Since on-demand and livestream videos are set to auto-play from the session page, your browser will apply the same behaviour by automatically muting the audio by default. 

On-demand and livestream virtual sessions will now include a button overlay on the video content to prompt the viewer to unmute. Selecting the button that is displayed will actively enable the audio for the video and will result in the button disappearing - any further changes to audio settings can be made from the bottom right hand side of the video (or at the top for iPad devices). 

Can I customize the color of button that is displayed?

The unmute button for your event will follow the same color selection that you have made for the Link Text Color option in the Event Design Studio of your Experience Manager. The font color used in the button will automatically set to a contrasting color of the button itself (i.e. white text will appear on buttons that are set with a dark color). 

Why does the button not display when I select fullscreen mode?

The unmute button will display on the video only when it is being viewed from the session itself. Videos that have been set to fullscreen mode are being viewed from the video player, rather than the Event Space - for this reason the button will not be visible or available to select. 

To unmute the video, you can exit out of fullscreen mode or update the audio settings from the bottom of the video screen. 

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