Why does my Sessions template show "DO-NOT-MODIFY - Data set too large" when I export it?

If your event includes a large number of attendees who are creating personal schedules in the app, then you may happen to notice "DO-NOT-MODIFY - Data set too large" appear in the Attendee column of your Agenda Excel template when you export. Typically this column of your template will include a list of external IDs for the attendees that have added the session to their personal schedule. In the event that the total number of characters exceeds the 32,767 limit that Excel supports, you will notice the "DO-NOT-MODIFY - Data set too large" display. 

How can I make changes to personal schedules for sessions that include this message?

If you are noticing the "DO-NOT-MODIFY - Data set too large" text, then the Excel cell is already at the maximum number of characters than it can support. For this reason, no changes can be made to the cell to ensure that all of the personal schedules that have already been saved will be maintained. To make changes to the personal schedules for these particular sessions, you will instead need to manually adjust them from the Experience Manager by entering the session and visiting the Attendees tab. 

It is important to note that any changes made to cells that include "DO-NOT-MODIFY - Data set too large" on the Sessions Excel template will result in overriding the personal schedules, and the content that was previously saved will be lost.