Why does my exhibitor or speaker's website not load on my branded native app on an iphone?

In order to comply with Apple's recommended security policies, we have enabled Apple's App Transfer Security settings to our branded native apps. This means that any websites external to the app (such as your exhibitors' or speakers' websites), need to be using an SSL security certificate in order for them to be opened in an iphone app. 

What is a SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is generally used to secure data over the internet, such as when you make purchases online, or sign into your online banking. 

Websites that use SSL have https:// at the start of the address rather that http://.

Why is a SSL certificate needed if I'm not selling anything?

Since July of 2018, Google's Chrome browser now places a "Not Secure" indicator in the address bar of any website that is not secured with SSL.

Additionally, Google's search now prioritizes websites that are secured with SSL in search results over those that are not secured with SSL.

It is becoming the standard.

What should I tell my exhibitors and speakers?

You should let them know that if their website is not secured with an SSL certificate, they should not include it in their profile. If they want to get a certificate, most web hosts can assist them with obtaining one. They can ask the company that hosts their website about how to obtain and install their certificate.