How does the Terms of Use Work on the Event Space?

The Terms of Use area of the Experience Manager offers an easy way of outlining how the personal information of attendees will be used and stored - this can be an especially important step to ensuring your event is GDPR-compliant, when applicable. Recording 2021-06-13 at 2-47-22 PM-gif.gif

You can add your Privacy & Terms in the Experience Manager by selecting Privacy Notice & Terms on the left-hand menu. From there, you will see the tabs Privacy Notice and Terms of Use.

Once the Privacy Notice fields ‘Full Text’ and ‘Contact’ are filled up, the attendee will be able to see and click on a link called ‘Click for more Information’ to read the Privacy Notice content at the Event Space Login page.

UntitledThe Terms of Use will only be visible from the Login Page once the Full Text field has been updated. It is also important to note that the Terms of Use checkbox will only display for users who are logging into the Event Space for the first time.

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