Where Can I Find Analytics on Networking?

Within the Analytics area of the Experience Manager, you will find reporting on the activity of your AppointmentsChats and Group Discussions features that will help you to gain insights into how much networking took place at your event. 


Appointment Analytics

In this area, you will see how many requests for appointment booking has been sent and accepted. Appointment offers your attendees the opportunity to book 1-on-1 meetings with each other directly from the app, making networking opportunities easy to coordinate and manage. 

Screenshot (1)-Jun-29-2023-11-07-13-7627-AM

Chat Analytics

From the Chat area of your Networking Analytics, you will find an overview of your adoption rates, number of messages and of your top participants. The contents of these messages will not be displayed for privacy reasons but will offer you a better understanding of how much networking took place through the event app.

Screenshot (2)-Jun-29-2023-11-07-58-2684-AM

Group Discussion Analytics

Group Discussions can help to link people of similar interests together, and in doing so facilitate networking at your event. In the Networking Analytics area you will find additional information on your adoption rates, including the number of participants and messages.

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