What Video Solutions Can I Use for My Virtual Sessions?

EventMobi's Virtual Event Space can support any RTMP video options by allowing you to input a Video URL or to generate a Custom URL which will allow you to embed your video content into the session. 

We know that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a video solution to work with, so we wanted to help in making this process a bit easier by breaking down some of the platforms that our Virtual Event Space will work with.

Google Meets is only supported as a Live Stream or Video URL when using Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Standard, Education Plus or Teaching and Learning Packages.

What does Video Integration mean?

The Video Integration references the way that your content will be made available through the session in the Virtual Event Space. While most platforms will offer a Video URL that can added directly into the 'Video' tab of your session, others will require that a Custom URL be generated to input the information into the video platform directly. 

Platforms that are only available by External Link cannot be embedded within the session and will instead need to be made available via a URL that directs attendees to a new browser page.