What Question Type Should I Choose For My Survey?

What Question Types are Available? 

Our polls and surveys offer four different options when it comes to creating questions. To make sure you are selecting the option best suited for your event, we have outlined a bit more information about each one. 

Our Rating question type offers a star rating scale from 1-5 that will help you to gauge your attendees' overall agreement or satisfaction.  This option works well when gathering feedback as it allows you to easily identify trends in what worked, and where improvement is need. This question type can be used to help you in seeing which sessions, topics, or speakers were most popular or helpful to your audience. 

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The Text question type offers an open field where you can gather responses that are more detailed and specific to the responder. This option works well with Session Feedback and Event Surveys where you are hoping to gather personal responses that will offer you feedback, comments or additional details. 

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Select One 
The Select One question type helps you to limit responses to a specific set of options so that you can easily identify the most common preferences, opinions or trends amongst your audience. This option works well in Live Polls where you are looking to include a pulse check, gather votes or to establish a consensus amongst the audience. Additionally, this question type works great for Session Feedback and Event Surveys when looking to narrow down the level of agreement with a particular statement, or an overall likelihood of your attendees re-attending next year's event for example.

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Select Multiple
The Select Multiple question type allows you to offer flexibility to your attendees in terms of their selections, while also limiting responses to a set of options that you feel are most relevant. Similar to the Select One question type, this option works particularly well when looking to gather preferences, opinions and trends from your audience. This question type is most commonly used in Session Feedback and Event Surveys to identify what attendees enjoyed most, or what they would like to see in the future. Additionally, this question type can be used during your Live Polls to determine all options that are relevant (and most popular) amongst the audience. 

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