What Options Do I Have For Displaying My App In The App Store?

There are several options available to help in making your event information accessible through the app store. Depending on the package you have selected, this can be through the EventMobi app, or through a Custom Branded App. 

EventMobi Universal App

Each event that you create will be available in a web-based form using a unique Event App URL (eventmobi.com/EVENTCODE), or through the EventMobi app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, or Google Play. After downloading, you simply enter your Event Code and click on "Launch App".

You can use the following link to download the EventMobi Universal App:

Custom Branded Apps

If you are looking to provide a fully branded experience to delivering your event information, then a Custom Branded App is the way to go. This option is available as an add-on to your package, in addition to the web-based version that is already included. 

Custom Branded Apps allow you to host your event information from your own developer accounts in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store so that attendees can download them directly to their device.

To set this in place, you will need to work with our Branded Apps Team to have a file generated for your custom branded app. This will be used to create your app store listings within the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The overall timeline for this process can vary from 4-8 weeks in total, to provide sufficient time to create the native file, submit to the app stores, and have it approved. We recommend incorporating the maximum timeline of 8 weeks into consideration when determining your anticipated launch date. 

What If I have Multiple Events?

If you are looking for a fully branded solution to delivering your event information, then a Multi-Event App will be the best way to share your events to your attendees. This will create a central area where attendees can access the event information for all of your events by downloading one app that is hosted under your developer account in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Similar to hosting a Custom Branded App, a file will need to be created and provisioned by our Branded Apps Team. This file will be used to create your app store listings, or to be distributed privately to your attendees. A timeline of 4-8 weeks total will also apply to allow for the creation, submission, and approval process.