What is the Ask a Question feature for?

Ask a Question

Ask a Question allows your attendees to submit questions, comments and other feedback -- all of which you can moderate -- to your speakers or presenters live during their sessions. Whether you use it straightforwardly to ask the speaker questions or creativity to crowdsource content, Ask a Question is a powerful engagement tool during sessions. 

Questions are visible to everyone in the Ask a Question forum and can be voted up to the top of the list.  

Note: A maximum of 100 upvotes will be supported for each question.

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Presenting and Moderating Questions
Each session in the Sessions Library will contain an Ask a Question option within the Audience Engagement area. Simply click into this tab to enable Ask a Question, and/or to view any questions that have been submitted. 

When the Ask a Question feature is enabled or disabled from the Experience Manager it will update on the Event Space in real time, meaning the changes will be reflected without having to refresh the page. 

To display the questions to an audience onsite, select the Present option available.

To control which questions are displayed, click the Moderate option instead. From here you can hide or show specific questions based on their relevance or proprietary. 

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