What Is Experience?

The Experience Manager, our user-friendly online portal, is where you have access to upload your data to libraries, and build out the products you will be using at your event. Depending on which products you have purchased, you will have access to build, customize and edit an event app, registration site, game, and live display according to your own workflow, timelines, and needs. 

Experience will be broken down into various sections, to allow you to upload data, customize, and build your products in a manner that is intuitive and easy to manage. The 3 areas that you will be working with are Libraries, Products, and Reporting

This area is where event data is added and later used across your various products. Here you will have the option to upload such things as People and Company profiles, Sessions, Documents, and Surveys along with establishing any relevant Groups and Roles that may be applicable to these profiles and sessions.

The Products area is where you will find all relevant products that you have purchased and will need to build for your upcoming event. Here you will have access to do such things as build your registration site and live display, customize your event app, and preschedule announcements.

This area will provide you access to reporting for your event app, game, sponsorship and networking to help you in developing a better understanding of adoption rates, and to view your ROI firsthand.
You can log into the Experience at https://experience.eventmobi.com.