What Do I Need To Know About Putting Sensitive/Confidential Content On The App Store?

Attendees using iOS and Android device types will have access to download the EventMobi app via  the Apple App or Google Play store. Using the Universal App, attendees can input your unique event code to access your Event Space. 

If you have opted to use a Custom Branded App or Custom Branded Event Page, then users will have access to download the native version of your event information directly. This can take the form of an app that is available within the Apple App Store and Google Play, or can be distributed privately if needed. 

If the content of your app is sensitive or confidential in nature, then you will want to ensure that the event code you establish for your app is very unique, and challenging for others to guess. If additional protection is required for your information then you may want to consider including our App Security feature as part of your app package. Additional information on our App Security options can be reviewed here