What Are The Character Limits For Various Fields?

A character is considered to be any letter, number, space, or symbol in your text, including HTML used to create various effects. You can find a list of the character limits for all the relevant fields in every section below. If your content is under the character limit and you're still having trouble, don't hesitate to contact Support with the data you're trying to add, details about where you're trying to add it, and a screenshot if possible. 

Session Information

Topic: 255 characters
Description: 5000
Location: 128
Track: 64


Announcement Title: 150
Announcement Description: 21,844

People Profiles

Name: 255
Company Name: 255
Title: 255
About: 3,500
Website: 255
Facebook: 255
Twitter: 255
LinkedIn: 255

Company Profiles

Name: 255
Booth: 255
Description: 3,500
Phone Number: 255
Website: 255
Twitter: 255
Facebook: 255
LinkedIn: 255

Attendee Dashboard

Notes: 33,000

Custom Fields

Name: 256
Answer: 1,024

Event Details

Event Description: 21,844
Event Location Name: 128

Gamification Challenges

Challenge Name: 128
Challenge Description: 2,000
Points: 999,999
Passcode: 32

Folder Sections

Page Section Name: 256
Page Content: 21,844

Polls & Surveys

Live Poll Question Name: 10,000
Live Poll Answer Length: 10,000
Session Feedback Name: 275
Session Feedback Answer Length: 10,000
Event Survey Name: 275
Event Survey Question Name: 10,000
Event Survey Answer Length: 10,000
Ask a Question: 500 

Appointment Booking

Appointment Title: 500

Group Discussions

Channel Name: 64
Channel Description: 128