Using Stripe as your Payment Gateway for Registration

If you have not created your Stripe account yet, create one and follow the steps below to integrate it with your events.

  • Once you have registered your account, sign in to the account and get your API keys.
  • Click Developers > API keys in the left menu to get your Publishable key and Secret key.

    Image 1-1

  • Click Developers > Webhooks in the left menu.
  • Click the Add endpoint button.

Image 2

  • Fill the Endpoint URL with
  • Select the Latest API version.
  • Add the following four events:
    • charge.succeeded
    • charge.failed
    • source.canceled
    • source.failed
  • Click the Add endpoint button.

Image 3

  • Click the Click to reveal button to get your Signing secret.

Image 4

  • Add your three keys to the EventMobi Registration payment settings page.

Image 5