User Credit License for Unlimited Events

Your Unlimited Events package allows you access to create as many events as you like within your contract period. This package type relies on a User Credit License that includes a set number of user credits that you will have available for all of the events that you are creating for the duration of your contract. 

Important Terms To Know

  • An Unlimited Events package offers an unlimited number of events that can be created over a specified contract period. 
  • A User Credit License is the contract that determines the number of user credits that will be made available to your organization, to be used across all events you are creating. 
  • A User Credit is consumed each time that a profile with an email is added to the People library of your event.

Activating Events on a User Credit License

Activating events on a User Credit License will not require you to select an event credit and activate, instead, it will bring you directly into the activation process for you to create a new event. If your organization happens to have existing Event Credit Licenses as well, you will see a banner located at the top of the pop-up that will include a link to access those events for activation. 

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 10.30.53 AM

Begin the activation process by selecting the content type that you would like for your event. You can choose between a Blank event or to Duplicate a Previous Event which will carry over the following: 

  • Branding and design, including Designer Pages, Home Page, Event Design Studio Settings and CSS (note that your CSS may need to be adjusted for your new event to appear as intended)
  • Folder sections, including any pages or links that were saved to the previous event
  • Event Space Menu structure and settings

Note: You will only have access to duplicate events that exist in the organization that you are activating the new event from.

When activating your event, you will be required to input the following information: 

  • The Event name
  • The Start and End Date of your event 
  • The Event Code that you would like to assign (this will be used as part of the Event URL)

Unlike our Single Event option, the Unlimited Events package allows you the flexibility to set an event duration that exceeds 7 days, when needed. Additionally, the post-event access for any events that you are activating on the Unlimited Events package will be available for the duration of your User Credit License contract period

Managing User Credits

User Credits will only be consumed for events that you create with your User Credit License. 

The User Credits that you are using for each event will not need to be pre-defined in advance, but will instead be determined by the number of People profiles that you have added to each event. 

To view how many User Credits have already been used for your events, visit the Data Usage area of your Organization. From this area, you will see the following details to help you in managing your events and your User Credits: 

  • The dates of your contract period 
  • The number of User Credits that you have used out of the total available 
  • A breakdown per event (use the arrow icon to the right hand side)
  • An Export option to download a detailed report of user credit consumption

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 9.56.42 AM

When reviewing the breakdown of usage per event, you will have an option to Go to People Library where changes can be made. Deleting profiles from the People Library will restore the number of User Credits to your balance only if the event start date has not yet happened. 

A warning message  in the Experience platform and an email notification will advise you when you have reached 80 and 100 percent of your available User Credits. 

Note: The User Credit Limit is considered a soft limit, this means that you will still have access to create new events and add more People profiles to your events even if you exceed the number of User Credits available. Additional charges will apply for any overages to the limits available within your User Credit License contract.

What happens when my User Credit License Expires?

Access to your events will be restricted once the User Credit License has expired. This means that changes to the Events Spaces, and access as an organizer or an attendee will no longer be available. Once a new contract has been activated for your organization, access to all events, including those from your previous contract, will be made available to you and to your attendees (if applicable). 

Why is there a discrepancy between the User Credit Usage and the Event Breakdown Table?

You may, in some cases, notice that the number of User Credits is not matching what is listed in the Events Breakdown Table. This happens when an event that has consumed User Credits has been deleted from your organization.

The Event Breakdown Table will not display any events that have been deleted, however, the total User Credit Usage will still incorporate the number of User Credits that were consumed by that event. 


The Export option available will allow you to download the Event Breakdown Table, which will offer a detailed User Credit Usage report, including those consumed by the deleted event.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 3.55.08 PM

Why is there a discrepancy between the User Credit Usage and the number of People in the People Library?

Deleting People profiles will only impact the User Credit Usage data if it is done before the Event Start Date. Removing profiles on or after the Event Start Date will reduce the total number of profiles that are displayed from the People Library, but it will not reduce the number of User Credits that were consumed by the event.